Best Temperature for White Wine Storage: A Guide

Best Temperature for White Wine Storage: A Guide

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When I talk about white wine storage, the first thing I think of is TEMPERATURE. The optimal temperature for long-term storage of white wine is 55-59°F (12-15°C). Anything above this can damage the flavor and aromas of your white wine. Keeping your white wine bottles in a too COLD environment can also have a negative impact and make the wine taste flat.

It's important to note that consistency is key; you want to ensure that the temperature doesn't fluctuate TOO much. Unexpected hot or cold spikes can quickly CLOUD the flavors and aromas of your wine. At the same time, exposing your wine to rapid temperature changes will also affect the aging process and could impact the way your white wine tastes after being stored for a while.

I recommend storing your white wine in a cool, dark place like your basement or a wine cellar. Keeping your bottles on their side will ensure that the cork doesn't dry out and affect the quality of your wine. Although you CAN store white wine in your refrigerator, the purpose of your fridge is more for chilling than long-term storage. Keeping your white wine in the fridge door can expose it to heat and light, ruining the taste.

Remember that the optimal temperature for white wine storage is 55-59°F (12-15°C). By following this rule, you will ensure that your wine maintains its quality and flavor for as long as possible. Play around to have FUN and find the ideal temperature for yourself and your whites!

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White Wine: A Beginner’s Guide to Storing at the Right Temperature

Do you find yourself always worried about whether your white wines are stored correctly to maintain their pristine flavor and quality? Do not worry, we have got you covered! In this article, you will learn the essential information to store your white wine correctly and why it matters.

Having your wines stored at the right temperature can make all the difference. It is essential to moderate temperature, alcohol and acidity levels in the wine. If your home is too hot, too cold or too humid, you are likely to end up with unfavorable results. So let’s get into it!

What Temperature Should Wine be Stored?

A perfect temperature for storing white wines is 6-8 degrees Celsius. Surprisingly, this can be lower than the temperature in your house. If you can store your wines at 12 – 15 degrees, that would be the ideal temperature.

Additionally, you will want to avoid storing the wine in fluctuations of temperature. This means that having the temperature of the room dropping and rising continuously can be damaging to the wine and can cause premature aging and make the flavors of the wine go ‘off’.

Is There a Difference Between Red and White Wines?

Yes, there is! Wines are as different as night and day in terms of their temperature requirements. Red wines prefer temperatures that are slightly warmer than whites, at 13-16 degrees Celsius. This allows them to best maintain their flavors and properties.

White wine, on the other hand, needs to be cooler than red wines at all times. As mentioned previously, try to store it at 6-8 degrees Celsius. Keeping your wine at this temperature will make all the difference in terms of taste and quality.

How to Store your White Wines?

You may want to consider investing in a wine cellar or wine fridge if you want to store your wines correctly. This will allow you to control the temperature and humidity of the environment and make sure that the wine remains cool without any fluctuations in the temperature. You can store your wines for a much longer period of time if you use a wine fridge and cellar.

What About Short Term Storage?

Does not have a wine fridge right now, but need to store your white wines short-term? Not a problem – you will just need to pay extra attention to the temperature of the room.

Try to keep it at the optimal temperature of 12-15 degrees Celsius and keep fluctuation at a minimum. You can also store it in a cool, dark room or cupboard. However, keep in mind that for ideal results is it advisable to use a wine fridge if you are looking for long-term storage.

How Long Can you Store White Wines?

It is difficult to estimate with accuracy how long you can store white wines. Whether you store them short or long term entirely depends on their quality and type. Most whites can stay delicious and fresh up to three months when stored correctly.

On the other hand, some of the higher quality white wines can last up to ten years with the right storage conditions. Most of the wines, however, should best be consumed within a year.

What Makes the Perfect Storage Conditions?

The perfect storage conditions will make all the difference in keeping the flavors of your white wines intact for longer periods of time. You will need to keep the environment dark, cool and humid. Here is what you need to consider:

  • Light: Make sure there is no direct light falling on your wines as that can potentially deteriorate the quality.
  • Humidity: If the air is too dry, it can cause the corks to dry out – so try to keep humidity levels moderate.
  • Vibration: Try to store your wines in an area with no more than minimal movement.
  • Odors: Make sure the environment is free of food odors as the aroma of the food can get absorbed by the cork, affecting the taste of the wine.


Storing your white wines correctly can have tremendous benefits. You will be able to preserve their freshness and flavors for a more extended period of time and also save money in the long run. Remember, invest in a wine fridge if you plan on storing your wines for an extended period of time. Otherwise, store your wines in a cool, dark and humid area in your home.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your wine storage and see what temperature works best for you!

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q1: What's the Best Temperature for Storing White Wine?
I'd say between 10-13°C (50-55°F) for most white wines is perfect. You don't want to store your vino too cold or too hot, otherwise it will affect the flavor and aroma.

Q2: What Happens If I Store My Whites at Too High a Temperature?
If I store my white wine at too high a temperature, it can start to cook and spoil, leading to an unpleasant, cooked taste. Also, the flavors and aromas can become muddled and lose their punch.

Q3: Is There a Difference Between Refrigerator Temperature and Cellar Temperature?
Yes! I'd definitely recommend using a wine cooler or cellar to store your whites, as refrigerator temperatures (typically 4-5°C/ 40-45°F) are usually too low for most white wines.

Q4: Will Storing My Wine at a Lower Temperature Slow Down the Aging Process?
No, not at all. If I store my white wine at a lower temperature it'll just slow down the oxidation process, meaning my whites won't age as quickly as they would at a slightly higher temperature.

Q5: Should I Try to Maintain an Even Temperature When Storing White Wine?
Absolutely, I'd recommend trying to keep your wines at a consistent, cool temperature. Rapid temperature changes can damage the delicate flavor and structure of your whites, so try not to keep opening and closing the door to your wine cooler or cellar!

Writer’s/Editor’s Note

I love white wine, but did you know that the storage temperature is just as important as the quality of the wine? If you want to make sure that your white wines last as long as possible and retain their flavor, then you should pay attention to the temperature at which they are stored. This guide aims to explain the BEST temperature for white wine storage, and it is likely to become your go-to reference.

First of all, let me point out that the goal here is to preserve your white wines and keep them as delicious as the day that you opened them. To do this, the temperature needs to be right. Generally speaking, white wine should be stored in a temperature between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is stored above this temperature, the white wine can become overly sweet and loses its acidity. Similarly, if it is stored below this temperature there is a chance that it will become too acidic.

The best practice is to keep your white wines away from any bright lights, and keep them in a cool wine refrigerator that allows you to control the temperature accurately. That way, you can keep them at a steady 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is an ideal temperature for white wines. Some experts also advise storing white wines on their side instead of upright, allowing the cork to stay moist and preserve the flavor and texture of the wine.

So, if you want to ensure that your white wine stays in peak quality until the very last sip, I suggest keeping it in a cool, dark place at a temperature roughly between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to store your white wines on their side and away from any bright lights, and you won't be disappointed. That's all there is to it!

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