Wine Tasting $15 Cheap Costco vs $120 Expensive Napa Valley Wine | Wine Verdict

Wine Tasting $15 Cheap Costco vs $120 Expensive Napa Valley Wine | Wine Verdict

Welcome back everyone i am back here Home In las vegas i wish i could be in napa Valley a lot longer however i can’t be On vacation forever can i Anyhow i miss napa valley and if you Haven’t watched my napa valley videos go Watch them i went to stagsley wine Cellars silver oak and got to meet with John at bueller vineyards and i got to Talk with him for a bit if you haven’t Watched it go watch it i think it’s Pretty darn good and for today’s video It’s going to be extension of the napa Valley i’m going to taste two wines Blind i know one of them is going to be A one napa valley from kirkland or also Known as costco wine and another one is Going to be from nickelodeon nickel a Very classic high quality wine from napa Valley and i’m excited to give them a Try and let’s see how good The kirkland wine is or how good the Nichola nicola wine is or are they both Good but the key here is costco wine is Only fifteen dollars nikola nickel You’re looking at about 120 to 130 So Big price gap and let’s see if any one Of them is worth paying for shall we Begin let’s start with with the blind Tasting I got my wines i got my notebook Shall we taste them all right

So I’m going to start with first wine with The white label And then i’m going to do the second wine With the orange label so you can tell Which wine is which by looking at the Base right here it’s a little color Coded for you wine a i get deep purple Slightly see-through towards the rim on The nose i get cherry blackcurrant and Lots of floral characteristics like Lavender and blossom a little bit of Herbal characteristics in the background Like eucalyptus i get a little bit of Green pepper probably because it’s Cabernet sauvignon very classic sign of Cabernet sauvignon which is green pepper And i get a little bit of tobacco Leather oak Really really well integrated it’s very Very complex and i gave medium plus on The intensity so This alone It already got my expectation up here Because it’s really really complex Really really well balanced on the nose And i can’t wait to try them but before We do I’m going to go with wine b and see if It’s any different shall we [Music] All right wine b [Music] So wine b is also not too bad color wise

It’s about the same deep purple slightly See-through towards the rim on the nose This is where it got really interesting Right away i get that dusty gravel Characteristics and a lot more green Pepper bell pepper kind of Characteristics like asparagus that’s The classic sign of cabernet sauvignon However it could be sign of maybe a Slightly less ripe grape compared to The wine so on that sense i’ll give this Is a slightly lesser in terms of overall Quality however Who knows On the palette it could be a whole Different world on top of that i get a Lot of cherry dried herbs oak leather About medium and intensity overall They’re both are pretty darn good but I’ll give hands down to wine a because Of that extra level of complexity and Extra level of that freshness without Too much green pepper and green on the Nose that was the color And the nose Let’s taste them and see how we like Them Starting back To wine Wine On the palate i loved it this is like Perfectly my style kind of wine for Traditional napa valley not too overly Oaked but fruits are there but that

Dense core fruit along with some Minerality and dusty characteristics This one has it so my tasting notes are As followed media plus on acidity tannin Finish and intensity high on the alcohol Logically black currants minerals touch Of oak and dried herbs in the background I think once this wine gets aged i think You get a little bit more of that Leather that mushroom character and Earthiness going on but as of right now This is already drinkable and if you Like the high tannic structure this wine Is pretty darn good to drink as of right Now but About three to four years i think it Could be a lot better Now Let’s move on to wine b Ymb is actually not too bad either it’s Medium plus an acidity however it’s Medium on the rest of the Main category like tannins intensity and Finish alongside i get lots of cherry Black currants lots of mineralities Oak unfortunately it lingers the green Pepper characteristics that i got on the Nose and It’s not a bad lingering and it’s not a Bad aftertaste but it’s there and some Of you may not enjoy it however that Doesn’t make this wine any bad because Complexity is there the grape core Fruits are there and it’s actually quite

Nice i just wish the finish was slightly Stronger because compared to the wine a It kind of dies down pretty quick so if I were to give a quality assessment Obviously i think ymb is little less of A quality however not by much I’ll say this is a good quality wine Whereas i’ll give wine a an excellent Very good quality wine i like this wine A lot because quite honestly lately napa Valley wine’s been extremely manipulated With like mega red mega purple way too Much malolactic to the point where It just completely kills the great Characteristics there’s a lot of brands Out there not just cameras over Especially pinot noir and like paso Robles or Los caneros area where they label it Pinot noir it tastes nothing like pinot Noir or cabrera sauvignon But i am very very happy and glad to see They left the grape Quite alone they did pretty minimal wine Making i get all the grapes i get all The characteristics yeah the green Peppers are there it’s actually a little Strong but at this kind of price and It’s from napa valley it’s really hard To beat and i get all that same Characteristics i would expect from napa Valley wine which is that dusty Bravely characteristics and i can find It in 15 wine it’s a pretty darn good

Wine however This wine a Is whole another level like Yeah it’s expensive it’s quite honestly It’s almost 10 times more expensive as Wine b But If you want that very fine very complex State of the art wine best wine that you Can find from napa valley You have to spend the dollars and i’m Just going to leave it up there because It shows that extra money you pay it Shows in the wine so i hope my guess is Right wine being nickelo nickel ymb Being the kirkland so let’s see the Bottle shall we all right The orange This is orange Great I thought the wine a The white one which is this one was Nickelo nickel and this one was kirkland Let’s open it up and see If i’m right shall we Let’s begin with 1a Yeah It is Nicklin nickel Quicksilver 2019 from rutherford It’s Lovely

Freaking Wine that’s all i have to say this was a Beautiful wine this was a classic napa Valley wine you should give it a try and Let me know i know it’s pricey But quite honestly i think it’s worth Every dollar you spend On this wine That makes wine bee The kirkland one Yup A 2019 cabernet sauvignon Kirkland the winemaker’s name is alison Crowe if i’m pronouncing it correctly And i think she deserves a round of Applause because manipulation is very Minimal Grapes were there I would say She chose grape over wine making and That’s a big Big bold movement especially nowadays Where almost everyone does a very big Bold punchy winemaking to the point Where it hides the grape variety and This one didn’t suffer from that so Thank you for not ruining the grape Thanks for leaving some of the flaws That wine carries And thanks for not overlooking and Thanks for not doing the over the top Melo lacto because It’s pretty darn good overall they’re Both amazing

15 120 The choice is yours but i’m gonna go With nickel and nickel Time to time Special occasions special dinners but For everyday drinking i’m choosing this That is all for today Thanks for watching don’t forget to Leave a like Subscribe leave a comment down below Give this two lovely wines a try at Least a kirkland one and let me know What you guys think down in the comments Alrighty thanks for watching i’ll see You next video [Music]

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