THANKSGIVING WINES – Sommelier Gives Perfect Picks | How To Buy in 2022

THANKSGIVING WINES - Sommelier Gives Perfect Picks | How To Buy in 2022

Thanksgiving’s right around the corner And that means we need to talk Thanksgiving wines Thanksgiving is my Super Bowl it’s by Far my favorite holiday it centers Around food and wine and friends and Family but without the pressure of gift Giving you just get to show up and enjoy A week ago I put out a survey to our VIP Members about what questions you had Regarding Thanksgiving wines and you Guys asked all sorts of things what Pairs well with not just the turkey but All the dishes what do I drink while I’m Cooking do I serve one wine throughout The whole time or do I course it out What sparkling wine do I recommend what Wine should I bring to a Thanksgiving Dinner as a gift and what single wine Works best if I’m only opening one Bottle I’m happy to say I’m going to Answer all of these questions in this Video let’s get a few out of the way I Do like to course out my meal so that’s How we’re going to approach this that Being said when we get to course number Four I’ll give my recommendation of what To buy if you just want a simple answer Of what one single wine to get and while I’m gonna give some specific producer Recommendations today you can also just Take the categories of wine that I Recommend and head to your local wine Shop and simply shop their inventory

Before we get started do me a favor hit The like button so more people can find This video and give us a subscribe if You haven’t already okay course number One coming at you course number one is Not really a course at all it’s your Cooking course the early afternoon post Coffee first sip of booze for the day Wine this is going to be my most off the Beaten path suggestion for the day Because I tend to use the holidays as an Excuse to splurge on some classic wines That I wouldn’t normally buy but for This course we’re going to start off With something that isn’t really a wine At all we’re going to start with a dry Sparkling cider I love this for your Cooking course these are very full-esque As they’re made from apples plus a good Cider has qualities similar to good wine Apples have different varieties and Terwar just like grapes do I mean think About it you probably even have a Variety or apple growing area that you Like like I like Macintosh for instance And ciders are low in alcohol usually Under 10 which is really good for pacing Yourself you’re looking for a cider that Is made more like a wine than a beer This means that you come in a wine Bottle it may have a vintage on it and Sometimes it’s made in the champagne or Traditional method or aged on the leaves And oftentimes it comes from places or

Producers that also make wine Some of the best versions of this style Of cider come from Calvados a place in France famous for its Apple distilled Brandy if you can find DuPont Reserve Cider this is great it’s aged in Capitals barrels for six months before Being bottled on the leaves but if you Can’t find that Virginia and New York And Washington make some great ciders as Well and a side note you may also see me Drinking a gin and tonic while I’m Cooking course number two this is your Appetizer course guests are arriving and Everyone’s hanging out snacking on Cheese and charcuterie finger foods like Fried apps and stuffed mushrooms perhaps Some seafood like shrimp or oysters I Always like to put out white anchovies Which are one of my favorite things on The planet Anyway there are a ton of different Foods here so you need a versatile Pairing line and that calls for Champagne champagne is high in acid and Has lots of palette cleansing bubbles so It goes with almost anything but Especially salty fried or acidic foods Which most appetizers fall under This is an occasion to get real Champagne usually I’m a big advocate for Champagne Alternatives like cremont Cava Or American sparklers or Francia corta But holidays are my excuse to splurge

And spend a bit more money on the real Deal there’s a terwar and a linear Elegance that’s just so distinct about Champagne plus I want to put my Expensive lines up top before my senses Start to dull so I’ll probably spend the Most money on this course Two of my favorite and fairly easy to Find producers are Pierre Peters for a Lean Elegant Style and Bollinger for a Rich toasty style but have some fun if You want and put out some grower or Vintage champagne depending on how much You like your in-laws I’m kidding kind Of honestly I actually think it’s Totally okay to have a Splurge bottle For you and a select few others stashed In the fridge and have a more reasonable Bottle out in the ice bucket for your Guests who may not care as much about Wine as you do course number three maybe This is a little Overkill but I do like To do a soup course either a butternut Squash or pumpkin soup soups are easy to Make in advance and just heat up the day Of they really impress guests and most Importantly it gives me an excuse to Work a Riesling into the meal Riesling Is one of the most versatile pairing Wines out there it’s got high acidity to Cut through the creamy soup and I’ll go For something that has just a hint of Residual sugar to go with the mildly Sweet but also lightly spiced soup again

We’re going to stick with the classics And opt for a mosul Germany Riesling as The Germans are the kings of Riesling These wines are racy floral citrusy and With mineral notes particularly slate I Probably want something that says Cabinet on it which are usually a Lighter style and only a hint of sugar JJ prum villain or zonaher cabinet is a Classic producer from a historic Vineyard in mosul and Dr loosen also Produces a wine from this Vineyard at a More affordable price point Don Hoff’s estate Riesling is also great But you can often find quite affordable Aged rieslings which usually bring that Added Dynamic of a richer wine and Unique petrol notes so ask your local Wine shop if they happen to have any Before we get to the main event of Thanksgiving dinner I want to talk to You quickly about our Vino VIP Club I Mentioned it earlier because the people Who ask the questions that helped form This video were our VIP members this is Our membership club that gives Early Access to all our videos including our Full episodes and the YouTube videos Monthly Raffles and giveaways virtual Zoom Hangouts with me and a bunch more It also really helps support us because We’re independently produced plus the First month is free so if you have a Moment do me a favor click the link

Above or in the description to sign up All right it’s Thanksgiving dinner Aunt Mary has already tried to bring up Politics twice the turkey is on the Table and we need some wines the thing About Thanksgiving dinner is that there Are a ton of different dishes so you Need a really versatile wine or should I Say wines my recommendation is to put Out both a white and a red and those Wines should be a cool Climate Pinot Noir and a cool climate Chardonnay You’ve probably seen this Thanksgiving Advice before we’re not making any Groundbreaking discoveries here these Wines are great with a variety of dishes Because they’re high in acid to cut Through the fatty rich foods and they Aren’t too big in body or alcohol or Tannin so they won’t overpower anything And because this is Thanksgiving I feel Like our main course should be American Wines though I will give some French Options too our cool climate regions in America are primarily Oregon Santa Barbara California and New York for Chardonnay you can’t go wrong with Jay Wilkes Santa Barbara Chardonnay or the Pairing Chardonnay for something Slightly oaked or Fox Run’s Doyle family Chardonnay from the Finger Lakes for Unoaked for Oregon lingua Franca makes a Really elegant Shard and if you wanted To splurge and leave America Pier Eaves

Colin Murray make some of my favorite White burgundy of all time and his entry Levels can be had at around 65 bucks for Pinot Noir I love the Santa Barbara Pinos from Presque Pence or Melville and From Oregon I like the Lang Reserve Erie Estate and kendrite if you wanted to go Burgundy drouin and the Flav make solid Entry-level borgonia Rouge and to really Impress if you can find it Groves Nuisine George or his Von Roman Eagle For about 120 but Vince what if I just Want one wine forget all these courses And options make it simple for me I just Want to bring one wine as a guest or Offer one choice of wine as a host for This we have to make it Beaujolais Beaujolais is a region in France that Makes red wine from the game grape and The wines are fruity fun strawberry Bubble gum potting soil floral and Sometimes even have banana notes Beausoleil is one affordable and between 15 to 40 dollars to Parable as they have Almost no tannin and tons of Juicy Acidity three a crowd pleaser because They’re both fruity and earthy and four It’s between a white and red as it can Be served slightly chilled you can’t go Wrong with anything from the gang of Four producers which are fairly easy to Find and start at around twenty five Dollars but you could pick up any random Beaujolais Village for about fifteen

Dollars and you’d likely be safe And with that we’ve arrived at dessert And I have the perfect wine for Thanksgiving dessert which I’m assuming Includes some combination of pumpkin pie Chocolate pie apple pie and pecan pie if You’re showing up to someone else’s Thanksgiving and need to bring a wine This is the wine I recommend it is a Great gift wine no one else will bring Anything like it because dessert wines Are too often completely underrated and Forgotten about by most people and it Has a cool history it’s Madeira Madeira is a wine from a tiny Island off Portugal of the same name That’s both fortified which means Brandy Is added to boost its alcohol and leaves Some residual sugar and oxidized having Been exposed to both heat and oxygen but The really cool part of this is the Story this wine was discovered because Back in the day they would transport These wines through the tropics by boat Which would expose them both to heat and Oxygen during the journey because the Wine was already exposed to these Elements that typically ruin most wines They were indestructible and so these Wines were some of the only wines that Could last the journey to America before Refrigeration and planes and so all our Founding fathers were drinking it it was Even used to toast at the signing of the

Declaration of Independence the rare Wine company makes a great Madeira Called Boston wall that’s sweet but Still fresh full of toasted nuts Orange Peel espresso and warming spices Blandy’s also makes a great Madeira and A more affordable price point I Recommend their boil or their verdello And a bonus is that if you don’t drink The whole bottle these wines last for Months two years after opening we made It thanks for sticking around and I hope This provided you some insights into What you’re going to bring for Thanksgiving this year My last piece of advice is to make sure You’re buying these wine from a large or Even better yet a local wine shop not a Grocery store you’ll get much better Wines let me know your favorite wine for Thanksgiving in the comments and again If you haven’t already please subscribe And consider joining Vino VIP to help Support us and if you haven’t seen our Full travel episodes check them out I’m Sure you’ll love them they’re all Available for free on our page thanks For watching until next wine Foreign

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