Tasting Wines at Far Niente Winery | Wine Verdict

Tasting Wines at Far Niente Winery | Wine Verdict

[Music] Foreign [Music] Or evening depending on where or when You’re watching from behind me it’s Opus Ones Vineyards the best way it’s a Robert mondavius Vineyard but here I am Today at Far niente Winery behind me you see There I’m not sure if you can see their Little machine right here they’re doing Harvesting right now and it’s a Beautiful Saturday morning it’s amazing Here and we’re gonna do some tasting for Fondante they’re gonna pour some Chardonnay in their calves let’s take a Seat real quick Enjoy The View Let’s taste them shall we Well in the background they’re Harvesting so this is going to be a Terrible audio that for sure especially With the water fountain going right next To me anywhere else This is a 2020 farmiente The state Chardonnay I’ll say about medium Medium plus but I’m leaving more towards Medium and intensity There’s lovely toasty Oak Lemon some apple some citrusy there’s a Creaminess from the least contact it’s Very very nice It’s more it’s following more of that

White burgundy style like uh something From I would expect from Marcel or puini Morashe It was very elegant there’s richness to It it’s very lovely line If you like Chardonnay you won’t Love this enough because we can have This on its own you can have this with Cheese you can have this with some Seafood some pasta it’ll pair Beautifully the second one is 2021 Enroute and on the walk from Russian River Valley now this was released Literally a week or two ago Let’s give one a try shall we Great Pinot Noir Unlike some Sonoma counties Pinot Noir That’s been manipulated way up to Wazoo I call it This isn’t there’s a sense of elegancy Some richness to it there’s a lot of Cherry raspberry strawberry Characteristics some Oak some spices Vanilla chocolate from the oak but it’s Not over the top mellow done in the Background tannins medium medium Plus in The tannin it’s not melodyne but it’s Also not as high I think as long as you Have something with like a nice steak or Pork chop something like that pasta this Will pair beautifully with it now we’re Gonna move on to the next wine which is 2019 Bella Union camera Sauvignon from Rutherford

About medium medium minus in acidity It’s not I’m not getting that welcoming Acidity But I get that dark berries dark cherry Lick black licorice black currants There’s some chocolatey vanilla from the Oak there’s some herbaceous green pepper Some like the grassy notes almost like What I would get from someone Blanc but This is not something on the Block but There is piercing in the camera or Something just like summoning black that Gives you that green characteristic so Everything as if expected Um my major categories I would say Medium almost all of them in terms of Acidity the intensity the finish and Tannins tannins actually not as high as I was expecting it’s kind of mellow down Not too bad I think it’s ready to drink But I think this will pair beautifully Anyways I think this will pair Beautifully with something like a nice Rib eye or like a good pizza with like a Green pepper and sausage and pepperoni I Think that’ll pair beautifully with it We’re gonna move on to 2019 barniente Cab the estate this is more of a Traditional Bordeaux blend with Predominantly cab but some petite Birdo Merlot and malbach if I remember Correctly Let’s take some shall we Wow this is really good

There’s some sense of elegant sense of Richness here that I wasn’t getting on The Bella Union There’s a lot of mineral notes I get That that iron a little saltiness and That Dusty cocoa powder like from the Soil it’s very lovely and there’s that Black cherry black currants licorice Going on Oak very very minimal some Chocolate vanilla tobacco notes towards The end Medium plus them to finish medium plus And intensity outside activity is about Medium and medium medium Plus in the Tannins Um despite it being pretty Young which is 2019 I’m not getting at As much as far as tannins it’s very fine Grained it’s a enjoyable tannins that I Would normally expect from a great Quality red wines especially Channel or Sauvignon very very well made I like it A lot but I have 2014 next to me The kind of compare games five years Older but 2014 was a blockbuster vintage And then with my experience with stag Z SLV 2014 14 of us are pouring Beautifully right now so let’s give it a Little try and see It’s lovely Taking the 19 but Touch of more finesse A little bit more elegancy but I’m Starting to get the treasury Characteristics from the bottle aging

I’m getting that mushroom earthy tone That leather is creeping in tannins are Still there acidity is still there I honestly I think 14 is a little bit More tannic than 19 very surprisingly I Still think it has a potential to age Five or even 10 more years and it’s Going to get only better in my opinion I Think the 14 oriented cameras on it is I Barely barely starting its stride if I Were to choose my favorite of the day Tough choice but Chardonnay definitely Definitely go for it because getting That Old burgundy white style wine in Napa Very very rare So I fell in love with it Right away very very good rose I wasn’t Too fan of myself unfortunately but I’m Gonna leave it leave that to you guys on The Reds Pinot I loved it for Sonoma Pinot especially Sonoma Pinos that are Known for a relatively one-dimensional Straightforward Pinot this is it this is Complex there’s layers of structure There’s some Elegance to it very very Well made Definitely on a higher than the price Tag but I think it’s worth it for the Extra level of complexity that you would Expect from higher price tag mines the Red side or cab side rather I wasn’t too Fan of The Bella Union myself because I’m getting that green pepper herbaceous Herbaceousness a little too much but the

Too far near the estate ceilings Beautiful beautiful line no doubts They’re well structured it’s balanced It’s elegant there’s richness to it it Just has everything to it so if you’re Going to come here visit farniente I Think you should give this a state Series Chardonnay the pinot and then Their estate cameras and try it yourself And maybe purchase a bottle or two if You like it and if you already have a Bottle or two let me know down in the Comments what you guys think taste them If you haven’t because it’s really good I think they’re all ready to drink but In my opinion the 14 cab if you’re Patient enough it can wait I think Another several years and it’s gonna get That more of that leathery mushroom Earthy tone from trash out Characteristics even more than it is now Thanks for watching Everybody Lovely Saturday afternoon here in Napa Ashley’s morning still it’s 11 A.M don’t Forget to leave a like subscribe leave Down in the comments what you guys think And I’ll see you guys in the next video Thanks for watching bye [Music]

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