Tasting California Sangiovese Wine – Vino Noceto | Wine Verdict

Tasting California Sangiovese Wine - Vino Noceto | Wine Verdict

Today i have an interesting wine for you It’s a san giovese from california now San giovese is an italian grape it’s Usually high in tannins high in acidity Filled with complexity and structure and Elegant all at the same time it’s one of My favorite grape varieties and i never Tried sanjivse that’s not from italy so This is going to be my first time trying This particular wine and this particular Grape variety from this region so let’s Give this a interesting wine a try and Let’s see if it’s any good shall we [Music] All right tasting is going to be the Similar usual the color the nose and Then the palette towards the end alright So Let’s begin On the color i get medium ruby red no Flaws nice and lovely red color And on the nose i get Medium intensity cherry cranberry herbs Wood rose violet floor characteristics And some earthiness in the background And i kind of feel like this is so Slightly reduced breathless character so That is an indication that this wine i Think it still needs a little bit more Time in the glass or even in the Decanter kind of open up to give its Full aromatic side but that is what i Got in the first about a couple minutes I don’t know in 10 minutes 15 minutes it

Might be a whole different so Just be mindful on that Yeah even now it’s opening up i’m Getting a little bit of more chocolate Woody character caramel little savory As it’s opening up it’s changing it’s Keep giving me that new characteristics Which is a sign of a good wine so on That sense Thumbs up for that not too bad let’s see How it’s in the palette shall we [Music] This wine is Quite nice It’s medium plus an intensity medium Plus finish high in alcohol high in Acidity but surprisingly medium on Tannins i didn’t get much that grippy Feelings in my mouth and considering This is sanjivse I don’t know how they killed all this Tannins probably that’s a malolactic but I didn’t get much buttery enough so Interesting Uh however overall very good i got Cherry notes cranberry a little bit of Green asparagus herbs little spicy notes Like peppers lots of floral like a Violet and a bit of oak towards the Background a little bit of caramel and Elky definitely it follows that new World style however it’s one of the Better new world style where it’s not Over out it’s not over the top

Malolactic buttery so i’ll say this is a Very good wine because there’s no Particular manipulation that i Completely hated myself new world i Always question the wines especially When it’s a interesting grape variety Like this because san diego normally Don’t grow in California there is some characteristics Of challenger say left overall very good Wine i got complexity structure Acidity Flavor layers of layers of flavor really Good wine actually I don’t know what kind of manipulation They did to mellow down the tannins on This because it’s actually really mellow It’s not even old wine it’s only 2018. So whatever manipulation they did it Worked because it’s easy to drink and It’s not Killing the wine as a core grape of Sanjivse so good job on that i don’t Know how much this wine costs i’ll put a Little graphic probably right here for You guys personally i liked it not too Bad uh definitely alcoholic but other Than that easy to drink nice wine have It with like a pasta steak lamb You’ll love it all right well thanks for Watching Don’t forget to leave a like Subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the Next video bye

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