Sommelier Explains Yountville Napa Cabernet: A Virtual Wine Tasting |

Sommelier Explains Yountville Napa Cabernet: A Virtual Wine Tasting |

The napa valley is the most famous Winemaking region in california but it’s Not just one monolithic landscape it’s a Complicated place divided into Sub-regions each with different Microclimates that make wines that have Different flavor profiles here we have Two cabernet sauvignon wines from the Napa sub region of yountville We’re going to find out what makes them Unique this is just a quick primer to Get you prepared for our live tasting Which will be coming up in a few weeks If you want to buy this scent and sign Up for the live event you can do that at Youngville is situated on the western Flank of the napa valley the town was Founded in 1838 by george c yount this Pioneer recognized the potential in the Area and planted the first vineyards Here so what makes yum feel so special Well for starters it’s one of the Coolest regions in the napa valley and That means a longer growing season Longer growing season typically means More developed flavor profiles and Higher alcohol wine makers in youngville Often tout the softness of their wines Even for a hundred percent cabernet Sauvignon they’re surprisingly soft and Juicy The word mira is a combination of the Latin word for miracle and the greek

Destiny the grapes for these cabernets Come from a 16-acre youngville vineyard That has been planted since 1885. the Winemakers spent 17 years making wine For robert mondavi and then before that Making award-winning wines for the Infamous ornalaya in italy both mines Are 100 napa cabernet sustainably farmed Hand harvested and made with minimal Intervention to showcase the purity of The fruit on top of that they’re not Clarified or filtered so you’re going to Get every nuance that this grape has to Offer let’s talk about this 2017 Downfill cap here first of all look how Dark this is Now just from the nose you can already Tell this is a pretty complex wine the 18 months of oak aging comes through Immediately This is an intense wine it’s got a Little bit of everything in there from Blueberry jam to cherry cola cinnamon Pencil shavings and even a little bit of Pepper at fourteen and a half percent Alcohol it’s warm and spicy but true to Form it finishes off with that silky Young fill sweetness So now we’re going back one year and This is the mira 2016 yamaville cabernet Sauvignon and the 2016 was the flagship Vintage for meera’s yountville vineyard And they claimed that it was an almost Perfect year and once again

We have 18 months of toasty french oak On the nose so this one is already Showing some maturity there’s a raisin Like concentration on the nose there’s Some savory plum in there a combo of Cigar and cedar even so it’s still very Bright and fresh with spicy cherry cola In there and it’s got this everlasting Finish that just doesn’t quit Cabernet is bold and intense so if You’re going to pair it with food you Have to bring something that’s equally As intense of course steak and red meat Are classic and the reason they work is Because proteins mellow out the tannins And wine but if you’re not a meat eater Think legumes cheeses and foods that Have an earthy umami quality to them so Here’s something that combines all of The above we’ve got a crust bread with Some hummus on it some grilled beef and It’s topped with blue cheese and Balsamic and if you want to skip the Mead all together mushrooms are a savory Earthy substitute so now that you have Some background on yelpville cabernet Sauvignon and even some food pairing Ideas too it’s time to sit back relax And enjoy your wines And if you haven’t yet purchased these Get them while they’re still available At And don’t forget to register yourself For our virtual tasting which will go

Live in just a few weeks see you soon Cheers

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