Silver Oak Winery | Wine Verdict

Silver Oak Winery | Wine Verdict

[Music] So [Music] So today we’re at napa valley silver oak Tasting room today we’re tasting 2017 Alexander valley and napa valley along With 13 alexander valley and napa valley So we can kind of go back and forth and Try What the older vintages taste like Compared to the newer vintages also Comparing with other vineyards the Alexander valley in the napa valley so This is 2017 alexander valley let’s Taste them So 17 alexander valley is a little bit More fruit forward more red berry style Because i get a lot of cherry red berry Blueberry cranberry going on In the background i get nice earthiness A little bit of tobacco the oak is very Very well integrated it’s not over the Top and like earlier what our host david Said alexander value tends to be more Fruity style versus napa valley being a Little bit more big and punchy kind of Style Now let’s try with 13 shall we [Music] 13. Take the 17 but A little bit more towards blackberry i Definitely get a little bit more of Blackberry blueberry characteristics

Like um black currants a little bit more Blueberry a little bit more blue cherry Kind of thing it’s definitely not full On red balls not full on blueberry side It’s it’s kind of in between and The tobacco the earthiness and the Tannins are a little bit more softened Due to bottle aging 2013 so it’s almost 10 years nine years in the bottle it’s Definitely nice i think The older they get The more elegant they become because 17 Is slightly Still relatively punchy relatively fruit Forward whereas The 13 is a little bit more subdued you Need to kind of look for some Characteristics that you want to taste And it’s there if you do Alexander valley does not taste like a Silver second wine by any stretch of Imagination because a lot of wineries Will do make their second wine or third Wine especially vineyards like In bordeaux like chateau la tour Boutonn or Lafitte all the first growth they have Their first wine and they have their Second wine and they have their third if They decide to make one And however here in silver oak both Alexander and napa valley wine they’re Both an amazing quality wine And

The price difference like david said Earlier is due to the yield not because Of the quality and i can agree to that So that was to alexander valley i’m Going to move on to the napa valley So napa valley 17. So napa valley 2017 is slightly bit more Punchy i get a little bit more Black fruits blue fruits then alexander Valley i don’t get much of the red Berries but Look at a lot of tobacco the earthiness There’s a little bit a tad bit more of Structure and spiciness towards the end It’s very lovely so if you like that big Fruit kind of style compared to the more Elegant style this is way to go we’re Going to try 13 napa valley 13 napa valley similar to 17 napa valley Silbrook however The tannins The harshness from the tannins you get From younger cabarets Is almost practically gone i get a lot Of blackberries and blueberries i get a Little bit of tobacco towards the end Quite spicy actually and then i get a Little bit of earthiness a little bit of Chocolate caramel from the wood it’s Very complex very lovely i love the fact That it’s easier to drink it’s more Enjoyable because of it if you like that Tannic heavy titanic structure if you

Like navy yolos if you like it a lot of Italian wines i’ll probably push you Through the 17 but if you like that Softer more easy to drink definitely go With 13 or Older vintages if i were to pick my Favorite i’m going to choose both 13 Alexander and napa because 13 alexander Is more blueberry There’s a little bit of blackberry going On but i thought it was more blueberry Whereas 13 napa was definitely more Towards blackberry side touch of Blueberry either it’s kind of different Style because obviously different Regions they’re about 50 miles apart and You can kind of tell the difference So for that reason i will go for older Vintages of silver oak if you like that Softer easy to drink calories of meals However if you’re going to pair these With very fatty dishes like lamb beef Steak Go for the newer near 17 16 vintages and You won’t be disappointed because They’re out of the entire four wine it’s Like splitting hairs they’re all amazing Wines and i can’t Recommend One particular one because i can Recommend all of them Including their pinot noir and they’re Timeless so Give it a try let me know what you guys

Think and i’ll see you guys in the next Video Thanks for watching bye [Music] And don’t forget to subscribe [Music]

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