Louis Martini Napa Valley Wine Tasting | Wine Verdict

Louis Martini Napa Valley Wine Tasting | Wine Verdict

[Music] Good afternoon everyone i am here at There’s a martini We’re trying three wines which is merlot Their meritage and cabernet sauvignon 2018 15 and 16 As listed And they gave me with some great cheese Board here and it kind of pairs well With all of them actually and then Before I finish all of them i’m gonna do a Quick tasting notes shall we First one Is a merlot now Merlot can be quite simple it can be Quite too soft for many people but On this one i think it’s quite complex Some chocolate some vanilla from the oak Really well balanced I get that a lot of Strawberry raspberry characteristics a Little bit more red fruit than it is on The black fruit touch of blueberries Going on so it’s kind of more red very Blueberry side Oak is well integrated not over the top I get that little bit of chocolate Spiciness going on in the background Medium medium plus intensity on the Flavor side on the nose about medium Intensity whatever i got it on the nose I got in the palace so very very nice And for ipping merlot that spicy

Character kind of unique kind of Interesting i think if you like merlot The easter sip kind of wine with simple Cheese or prosciutto that kind of stuff This will go really well The second line is a 2015 meritage now This is cad merlot petite birdo mix Similar bordeaux style blend Yeah On the palette i get that Very classic green pepper Characteristics i get from camera Sauvignon i get that touch of sugar Residual there’s little sweetness going On towards the end of the palette but Not in the beginning but it’s a very Very slice i’m i’m okay with it so Definitely some wine making going on but It’s not over the top while i make them By any means And some blackberry black cherry spicy Notes there’s oak in the background folk Is not over the top either it’s Relatively fruitful style but it’s a lot More mellow down probably due to 2015 Vintage but i wish there’s just touch More complexity touch more tri-share Characteristics coming from the older Vintages i’m missing that a little bit But As it ages more in the Bottle maybe we can get a little bit More of it last but not least i have a 2016 monterosso it’s a mountain fruit

And i’m usually a mountain fruit guy so I think i’m gonna like this wine a Little bit more let’s taste them shall We Oh yeah Much more my style I get that earthy gravely Characteristics i get that mushroom Some Nice baking soda baking Big spices going on in the background Oak is very very minimal tens are a Little softened And i get a lot of blackberry black Licorice cherry going on in the Foreground Really really well balanced overall it’s Very very nice white if i have to choose My number one pick from the flight today I think i’m gonna go with monterossa Just because Number two is very close second but On the number two despite it being only Sixty percent about cabernet sauvignon i Get that Green pepper a little bit harshness Going on and for that sense i’m going to Move on to the Camera sonia from monterroso 2016. i Think it’s much better Wine in Many ways Complexities a little bit more their Structure is a little bit more there

They’re just a little bit more of almost Every category that i can think of And then merlot Obviously i can’t compare apples to Apples because it’s merlot versus Cabernet however if you’re a merlot Drinker Definitely go with it i think it’s Really good if you aren’t a merlot Drinker i would still consider it Because it’s not as harsh it’s not as Tannic as what you would normally expect From a traditional marlow so in that Sense really really good wine i think They’re all good wine but overall this Is my pick tasting was amazing for fifty Five dollars a person or fifty i can’t Remember i think it’s 55 i’m going to Put a lot of graphics around here to Make sure it’s what it is you get three Of these lovely wines and then get a Couple cheese and some olives and some Grapes and other Side dishes that i can’t remember what It was but I don’t know they’re good because i Tasted them all of them they paired Really really well with all this wine so I don’t think i can recommend them Enough especially nowadays when Tastings are 60 70 80 even 100 dollars Per person without you know even all This Food pairings with it so i would

Definitely recommend they give them a Try and i’ll see you guys in the next Video thanks for watching bye

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