Interviewing Buehler Vineyard and Wine Tasting | Wine Verdict

Interviewing Buehler Vineyard and Wine Tasting | Wine Verdict

Hey guys this is june again welcome to Wine verdict behind me is the office of The bueller’s vineyards here in napa Valley so it is my last visit here in Napa I can’t believe it’s already been five Days i wish i can be here a lot longer However we’re gonna meet with john the Boss we’re going to talk about the wine We’re going to talk about the wine Philosophy he has and i’m Excited to taste our wines shall i begin We’re here today with john bu mr john Buehler Owner and Winemaker well technically the bank owns It and i have a wine maker that’s been Here for three years so i’m i’m just the Facilities manager i take out the Garbage and turn off the lights That’s awesome So How has it been like to live in Other side of the napa technically over The mountain and then i just want to Hear your life experience your well it’s A very different world than it was 50 Years ago when i first arrived So Back in the day in 1971 well 1970 the Number one cash crop in napoleon’s Cattle Beef and dairy number two is prunes and And or walnuts depending on the air and

Wine groups were a distant um third and Fourth actually So Wine industries never recovered from Prohibition and wine was kind of Considered to be an ethnic beverage but So um All that has changed now and now it’s uh The gentrification of the napa valley But When i got here It’s semolina small town less than a Thousand people everybody knew everybody If they weren’t already related to each Other And it was very blue collar if you Didn’t live and work in saint elena you Commuted To mayor island and vallejo to the naval Shipyard or you worked at the napa state Hospital or you worked at kaiser steel On the on The river Bueller on its own It’s relatively Difficult to find in wine stores depends On the location yeah but at least for Las vegas it about a year ago i was able To find one and then that’s how i first Approached it because my wife and i we Do a lot of blind tasting and when we’re Looking through the napa valley section This one was like under new arrival Category that we’d never seen before and

Then We gave it a try and since then i Basically fell in love with it because i I love the purity i love i love the Grape dense core red fruit and then Most importantly i didn’t see much Overly oaked or manipulation going on Like some of the other vineyards in napa Valley so it’s less intervention So on that sense what’s your like a core Philosophy when it comes to your own Winemaking That’s probably a question better asked The winemaker but he’s been with me for 30 years so we have a like-kind taste Just everything in moderation nothing to Excess you’ve mentioned over Manipulation and we really do trust him To stay the course and and make the Fruit the focal point of our wines and Rather than masking it with oak and An alcohol so but i’ll let you be the Judge what are we drinking well i feel Compelled to tell you that’s white wine Okay i think she needs it already This is russian river chardonnay So once again it’s it it’s not Um Oak and butter It’s fruit Forward and this is the 18 this is Actually the tail end of the 18th Tropical melon apple a little bit of Citrusy that’s lovely i’ll leave uh yeah

The other thing i think that sets us Apart from at least the napa valley is We’ve really tried to maintain a great Price quality relationship yes So that our Most expensive wine is if you haven’t Had it he will um i think 70 well it Will be 70 In a world of 100 200 The production not perception Lately especially with shards i’ve seen A lot of vineyards doing way too much Mallow or oak and your fruit just kind Of disappears They’re over manipulated yep Unfortunately some people think that’s What chardonnay is supposed to taste Like but i think the pendulum is Swinging back To people that would rather have Wines that aren’t Over overly open or Have that kind of Almost rancid butter yeah Malolactic Mouth feel So this is a blend of valley for a Mountain grow and our contribution is About 10 of what’s in this bottle thank You so you said you had the 17 napa this Is the eighth i had 16 now oh 16. yeah But i did the 18 estate um black and White label okay well we fast forward This is the question the 18 of our 18

Minutes we’re about to release the 19. i See Lots of blueberry Cherry blackcurrant All of all the dark red yeah It’s it’s a mixture of basically both Kind of both side of the red and black Fruit And oak is really minimal in the Background it’s lovely thank you I’m two for two maybe i should stop now This is going to be a step back in time You said You had the 18 estate this is the 17th State I found as 18 estate Very dense And more on the blackberry side than the Red berry i think that’s a function Again A mountain ground vineyard um remember I’d like to say we’re sacrificing Quantity for quality um Typically we track about Fifty percent of what any Self-respecting grower on the valley Floor would expect to get in terms of Tonnage so You know smaller berries and a greater Concentration of flavor it’s all about Just you know the juice the skin ratio And imagine that with a good eye or a Bone in fillet I think it would stand up to pretty much

Anything Definitely more blackberry definitely More blueberry than it is on the red Mm-hmm i think i would never typically Associate like raspberry A little bit of rain but with a Zinfandel yeah as a As A the gauge of what where you expect to See the red fruit let’s see yeah But still beautiful long-lasting a Little bit more tannic compared to the Last one And to me i love that heavy tanning Wines like naviola for example so i love Nebula and barlows and stuff so and when I see a lot of Napa vineyards doing extra Melolactic it just that tenant just kind Of disappears and anticipates yeah and Then it’s just i think it just loses a Structure yeah yeah you have to be Careful that with mountain fruit you Really have to be able to manage the tin So We do we have some tricks um Including aerating the wine occasionally Um just to oxygenate it to soften the Tannins And um sometimes we’ll do an extended Maceration post fermentation that has a Tendency to mute the tans I love the purity of the grape it’s Because compared to other vineyards i

Find it’s more about the Winemaker’s View on what wine is versus what the Really grape is You know i think there’s been that lot Of Going back and forth on it but to me I’ve always loved just the pure grape Just how the fruit taste That expression yeah and i get that 100 Through this wine and that’s what i love About it well drum roll last but not Least um Our last one is We call it papa’s doll as a tribute to My dad on the wall the grandfather of Nine children now i have that moniker I’m now papa but As i said This is Um site specific You guys really should stop at my Parents house there’s nobody there At this point but that’s the view from My parents house So to identify This is cabernet foreground but As you look out from my parents house You’ll see a old old vineyard i planted In 1972 the stair steps up a little Hillside and that’s papa’s mom So these vines never fit well like 50 Years old all right so this is In the darkest of the three cabs

Again the berries at this point are About the size of blueberries though oh They’re tiny though A little more floral characters cassis Wow And it’s got some legs i mean it will go The distance it’s probably going to be Better in about five years Me i’m not sure if i have patience to Wait all that [Laughter] To me it already brings people it’s an Attractive nuisance i know But i think most california wines are Styled or Built to be i shouldn’t say short term But uh about medium yeah yeah i mean we Have to debunk the method older is Necessarily better except in my case So it’s lovely three to five years i Mean i will just probably be at its Prime It’s lovely Well that’s it Perfect any other questions Do you have any my favorite color is Blue Music long walks on the beach puppies Make me cry So before i wrap up i want to ask you One more question your son is he Planning to take full ownership and Operation so yeah there’s no problem With succession this will we will

Continue well that that is awesome Because I think napa valley prestige vineyards Are starting to go into that you know That is called corporation right because Of succession issues yeah and then i Understand from per each individual’s Perspective but also it’s also saddened From Drinkers point of view that you know The corporatization yeah you might not Get that same level of quality and Winemaking style and the corporations And they have a tendency to commoditize Things and so um Yeah and that’s unfortunate but yeah i Know we’re we’re here for them for the Duration awesome that’s great to hear at Least i know i’ll get to love and enjoy Bueller until My lifetime Until their success Thanks for spreading my word too and Being an advocate of bueller i really Appreciate that everyone that’s been John And june wine verdict it’s been a Pleasure meeting you thank you Thank you so much it’s been amazing so That was a tasting what do you guys Think now i was told by john that the Vineyard is still going to be operated Within the bueller family it’s not going To get corporized or anything so i’m

Very happy with that because i can enjoy Their wine for the next 10 20 30 years Upcoming and still expect the same level Of purity and high standards and quality That i expect from bueller so kudos to Them another key thing to note is that Their wines are very affordable at Averagely around fifty dollars per Bottle that is very affordable compared To other vineyards that easily charges Hundred hundred fifty even two hundred Dollars per bottle so for fifty dollars You can enjoy a lovely napa valley wine With Amazing purity of the grapes with Minimal wine making with minimal oak With mineral manipulation so all you’re Going to taste is the lovely grapes not The wine making they prefer quality over Quantity and you’re going to taste them Straight from the bottle so i encourage You to try them a bottle i think their Newest release and their highest tier The papas no is about under 80 And their estate series is about 50 or Under and their napa valley line is About 40 dollars and under so they’re All extremely affordable compared to Other vineyards that charges hundred Hundred fifty two hundred dollars so i Encourage you to get them try them and Let me know what you guys think down in The comments below if you like the wine A lot think about visiting the bueller

Right here here in napa valley now the Key is you have to go to their website You have to make an arrangement they Don’t do any walk-ins as of right now It’s appointments only so get them an Email give them a phone call and maybe Arrange a tour if you guys want to try And see This lovely 300 acres of lovely vineyard Yourself i’m pretty sure you guys heard The roosters up there you go right next To me thanks for watching leave a like Subscribe and big thanks to bueller Family and i will see you guys in the Next video

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