I went to Napa Valley! | Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars | Wine Verdict

I went to Napa Valley! | Stag's Leap Wine Cellars | Wine Verdict

[Music] Party [Music] Right behind me is the stagsley wine Cellars back in 1976 during the judgment Of paris when both chateau montelina and Stagsley won the white category and the Red category as of today 2014 Slv that i tried about a year ago still Maintains to be my one of my favorite Wine and today i’m here to taste 2018 Slv along with some other wines like the Fae and the artemis so i’m very excited To give this a try i don’t think i can Go inside and show you guys the tour Part however i can show you the tasting Part so if you guys want to join in for The tour Give them a try and let me know what you Guys think all right i had the slv Before never to fade so let’s give it a Try shall we It’s medium purple Slightly ever so slightly see-through Definitely purple let’s give it a try Cheers Wow Lots of cherry lots of plum reduction Cassis Oak lovely balanced in the background Tobacco spices [Music] It’s not in your face kind of one Especially from an 18 vintage because

18 vintage is considered to be one of The best wine i think i mentioned that A lot during this trip but So i was expecting that really powerful Big punchy wine but a little alcoholic But it’s okay but it’s definitely meant To be aged You can drink now but i think in the Cellar at least six seven years Definitely that’s what i would do and It’s a lovely wine let’s taste them A little bit more blackberry than Faye Currant black cherry blackberry Definitely tobacco oak tannins are a lot More stronger long long lasting finish Intensity is definitely pronounced That’s a lovely wine Compared to the fae i think sylvia is Definitely more technical structured for Bottle aging so i would say this can be Aged a lot longer than the fave vineyard If you want to age it for like your Kid’s 21st birthday You know 21 years go for it this is the One you should age the cast 23 their Flagship Let’s give it a try shall we And the palette is a little bit more Elegant style versus more punchy on the Other two blueberry black cherry Black currants a little bit of oak a Little bit of tobacco a little bit of Spicy nuts

But Out of all three it’s quite floral than The other two despite it being Practically almost half slv and cafe as Of right now It’s definitely more floral compared to The other two it’s a lot more elegant Style compared to the other two that was A little bit more big and punch on the Slv and a little bit more fruit forward Red fruit on the face so it’s kind of a Nice mix of both but i will say If you want to pair your food And all around wine cast 23 Slv if you want that classic Big and punchy Gravel dusty napa valley wine slv if you Want that newer style fruit for red Berry style Go for the Favorite if i were to choose my favorite I’m going to hands down to slv again Because i love the extra level of Minerality that dusty gravel Characteristics i get from slv whereas Cast 23 it kind of covers it up with the Fae because that red fruit really Overpowers the slvs in my opinion But i do enjoy Cast 23s that elegant style that hidden Characteristics of that cassis the oak It’s there all three are extremely well Balanced oak is present but lovely in The background tenons are big but it’s

Nice and fine not as harsh in your Palette as it really could be especially In the 18 vintage So That’s my conclusion the slv still Remains to be my favorite however Cast 23 and faye is still pretty darn Good to drink So I’m gonna ask you guys to stop by Stagsley wine cellars and give these Three lovely wines a try and let me know What do you guys think or have you tried Any of the stags like wine in your Personal life i think i failed to Mention about food It’s delicious so the food is actually Made by in-house chef To give him a credit his name is travis Westrow and these food are very Delicious i love every bite of it each One of them very unique something i Wouldn’t expect from especially from Like a vineyard to do a tasting way you Know this is a restaurant quality food So If you’re interested in doing a tour Go for the celestial tasting and tour Because you get to enjoy this food along With the wine but you also get to see A lovely cellar and a little bit of wine Making process throughout the tour and i Can’t show you that in the video but i Can tell you it was fun and you should

Definitely give it a try alright so Don’t forget to leave a like subscribe And i’ll see you guys in the next video Thanks for watching bye [Music] You

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