I Tried Wine Spectator’s Top 1 Wine of the Year 2022 | Wine Verdict

I Tried Wine Spectator's Top 1 Wine of the Year 2022 | Wine Verdict

Today have a fun and exciting wine for You it is a 2019 Double Diamond cabinet Sauvignon from Napa Valley now this wine Also just about a week ago received one Of the Year by wine spectator so I’m Gonna blind taste them with two of my Other go-to about 15 range my go-to Wines and then kind of compare them and See if the wine of the year really makes That huge of a difference so enough for The Chit Chat let’s begin with intro Shall we Foreign If you’re new to the channel I do my Color and the nose first and then Palette towards the end so we’re going To start with wine a the black one B the White and then C the orange So let’s see the color and the nose And we’ll go from there on shall we Wine a it’s medium ruby red I can see The text through the wine and then on The nose about medium intensity I get Lots of floral Violet Rosy characters Some Quinn’s character that saw our Apple and then there’s some minerality Some earthy tone like wet gravel and There’s a touch of cherry going on I’m Getting a lot of that Earth Town more Than the fruit tone that Berry Characteristics so it’s kind of Interesting but not too bad Moving on to next wine The wine B

Wine B very similar to 1A but slightly Subdued character it’s same color medium Ruby red On the nose it’s about medium minus Intensity some cherry some Earth Tone Slight floral characteristics and just Touch of Oak in the background it’s Basically almost just like wine a but Little less on the floor characteristics And just touch more on the berry Characteristics so nose alone I kind of Prefer this because I get a little bit More fruit forward Style But still not too bad I like it Moving on to a wine C Y and C is definitely different than any Other two wines we’ve been trying so far And color it’s still the same medium Ruby but it’s on borderline jumping to That purple and it’s barely it’s See-through but not as much as the last Two but I can still see through them so It will be considered medium under the Eyes of WSET guide and moving towards The nose it is medium plus and Incendancy I can smell the wine from About good nice four or five inches away And then I get and initially just powerful very Powerful chocolate green pepper that Piercing characteristics from Cameron Sauvignon Cooked Plum that dark dark cherry Licorice thing going black currants lots

Of nutmeg some kind of spice going and Predominantly it’s quite Oaky right on The nose oh already So If I were to make a guess By color and the nose alone I’m using Wine c is likely going to be the Double Diamond because Napa Valley is known for That big powerful Punchy wine and so far YNC is definitely big powerful and Punchy and then we’re gonna move on too Palette tasting That everybody’s been waiting for Start with one a 1A it’s pretty well balanced it’s medium Antennas medium and intensity and medium And finish as well I get lots of bright Cherry cranberry going on some Oak Leather and then it kind of lingers nice Floral characteristics it’s a very well Wine not the best wine but If I’m correct this is the 15 wine and For 15 I can drink this any other day Lovely wine Moving on to 1B Wine B very similar to the wine a but Slightly in a darker side in terms of Flavor profile it’s the same medium Intensity tannins and finish I got Darker Cherry cooked cherry Slightly more Oak than the last one it’s The similar level of the leathery Characteristics from the barrel and That’s about it

I didn’t get as much of the floral Characteristics like I did with the wine A still not bad easy to drink people Pleasing wine for fifteen dollars hard To beat and I’m gonna move on too Wine c This wine is definitely another tier in Terms of what the wine is but it is very Very dark as in it’s filled with black Currants black licorice dark chocolate Lots of Oak lots of leather nutmeg bay Leaves black tea it’s it’s very very Dark in your palette oh the light just Went out I guess my light died anyways moving on It’s a very dark not that it’s bad it Just not my personal favorite but if you Like that big Punchy bold dark camera Sauvignon from Napa Valley This is pretty darn freaking good I Forgot to mention it is a medium plus an Intensity tannins and finish medium Plus On all of them and quite alcoholic and Despite all that alcohol that super dark Fruit going its overall well balanced And quite pleasing line but definitely Not a pleasing wine to drink by itself You’re going to need a very very big Portion of rib eye or barbecue pork chop Whatever to help with it because This is very dark wine question of the Day is is this worth the number one by Wine spectator My honest answer is probably a no

Because at eighty dollars I think there Is much better wine than this but Considering the fact that tokolan Valley Fruits can be more way more than 100 200 A bottle I think For the value span point it’s definitely Worth your money trying but I still Don’t think it’s worth the number one in Terms of overall quality and Wine making and wine style as a whole But wine is always subjective what I Love you might hate and vice versa so Just look back into my tasting notes and Just see if you like those taste profile And if you do go for it and if you don’t Try something else it’s that simple but Before I get too comfortable with my Tasting notes and my guess I’m gonna ask My wife Jenna to bring the bottles to See if I’m actually right already Orange Orange White White yeah okay We got the wines Let’s see If I’m right Shall we moving on Back to Wine hey So this one was the wine that I really Enjoyed that Flora characteristics so And that bright Cherry it was nice It is Argentinian wine it is Cruise Alta 100

Camera Sauvignon Reserve 2020. 10 months and 50 new barrel and 100 French Oak Not too bad I think this was 13.99 at Total Wine Really really good for the value not too Bad I’m gonna put it here actually Moving two One b Op [Music] It is 2019 Lewis and Martini Camry Sauvignon From Sonoma County I think this says 15 Or 15.99 at Total Wine Also a great value for what they are They make high quality wine at Relatively lower price and I was at Their Vineyard actually not not their Vineyard their Winery recently and if You haven’t watched that video go check Them out I did a lot of tasting there Too so amazing value Do some Martini awesome stuff And that makes it obviously the wine Seed to be The 2019 Double Diamond Oakville Cavalry Sauvignon by Schrader sellers it Is very a very alcoholic 15 and a half Percent Wow that is a lot of alcohol that is all For today

After all Double Diamond 2019 the wine of the Year By wine spectator Not everybody’s favorite but it can be a Lot of people’s favorite wine so I’m Gonna leave it at there all right well Thank you for watching don’t forget to Leave a like subscribe and let me know What do you guys think of the Double Diamond have you tried it before what do You think about the wine Spectators top 10 on their list does that usually help You with the buying purchases or do you Just kind of go buy your own Gut Feeling By many other wine critiques I want to Hear your thoughts it is Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving to everybody Get a great bottle of wine or two or Three share with family talk about it And that’s what beauty of wine is right It brings the family together So Thanks for watching I’ll see you in the Next video bye [Music]

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