I Found the Best White Burgundy | Wine Verdict

I Found the Best White Burgundy | Wine Verdict

Today i have an interesting wine for you Because i wasn’t really planning on to Record today but i tried this wine about An hour and a half ago for dinner and Then i was like i gotta turn on my Cameras and record this because This wine almost changed the way i think Of chardonnays basically so it’s going To be a white burgundy from shazam Rasheed one of my so far best Chardonnays i ever had to date and i’m Going to tell you all about it let’s Begin with the intro Right now Let’s dig in shall we So today i have a burgundy glass Because This white wine Requires a Good amount of almost even decanting Quite honestly because i had to let this Sit in the glass for about good 10-15 minutes for Me to fully analyze and get the full Aspect of the aromas and complexities It’s just Beautiful wine Still it’s still closed up it’s still Closed up so i’ll probably have to cut In the video but i’ll be probably back In a few minutes all right All right so like the usual the color The nose first and palette towards the End

So in the color it’s pale i can see Through the wine It’s lovely lovely gold beautiful color And on the nose i get the leather Butter Cream lemon zest cooked plum slash pear Lots of floral characteristics mineral Characteristics like wet gravel earthy Tone and elk it’s rich it’s complex it’s Just never ending and it’s medium plus And intensity This is beautiful beautiful chardonnay And Comparing to all the stuff i wrote down I was like wow i’m writing down as much As i am on the red wines and That is definitely a mind-blowing Experience so like nose alone it’s Definitely a unique and fun experience For you to have especially if you never Had a rich and delicate wine like white Burgundies i’m going to taste them let’s Go in the palette shall we Freaking darn good This is freaking darn good Wow On the palette it’s medium and acidity But it’s borderline to medium plus as Well so it’s kind of in between and Medium plus and intensity and medium Plus unfinished this thing Is so powerful it’s so flavorful and it Lasts very very long in the palette And

On the flavor side i get lemon Grapefruits touch of honey a little bit Of tropical fruits some spices going on Which is very interesting for white Wines and some floral characteristics Oak vanilla leather earthy tones creamy Buttery it’s very complex there’s Richness there i can taste the soil it’s Just amazing freaking Chardonnay now one of my favorite Chardonnay from napa valley is one from Trishart uh nichola nicole churchard Vineyard and that one got to the similar Level in terms of how much oat there is And how much minerality and pure grape Is left over And i think This wine just takes that whole Scale of minerality oak and some Winemaking into a whole another level It’s basically taking that wine and just Plus it by two or three in terms of Level of complexity and structure and Richness this is something quite Honestly i’ve never had often because I’m not a white wine fan as much because They tend to be simple and they tend to Be more easy to drink so i don’t really Have a chance to try it as much because I would normally just prefer going with Red wine section But lately i’ve been craving a lot of White wines like shannon bungs from last Video i’ve been craving a lot of old

World wines that i want to kind of Explore and then i came across with this Wine at a local wine store for 45 Freaking dollars and i think that’s a Steal for especially for 2013 vintage And Unfortunately i don’t think that is a Price range you guys will be able to Find this wine at uh you guys will be Able to find this flying around 100 Range especially this vintage if not Higher price tag So i don’t think it’s really fair for me To give you guys a recommendation of This wine saying it’s 50 and under Because in the reality It’s going to be really really difficult For you to find this wine for 50 or Under but if you do grab as much as you Can because this wine is worth 50 Eighty dollars hundred dollars as long As under hundred dollars i’ll definitely Pay for this and this one was in like a Clearance section on the wine store and It was originally 79 but they were Selling it for 45 and i grabbed the Bottle they have a couple left in the Store so i think i’m gonna go there back Tomorrow and grab all of them because This is a lovely freaking wine i never Had a chardonnay with this amount of Characteristics with richness and Structure and complexity That can basically

Act as complex as red wines basically in Many sense so This wine really took me to another Level wanting me to try more of that White burgundy more of the old world White wines that i haven’t tried before And that’s the beauty of wine isn’t it Because there’s so much wine out there There’s hundreds thousands if not Millions of wines out there and it’s Just yourself and To try all of them and that’s gonna take A long time and i’m quite Glad that i was able to approach this Kind of wine at this kind of price level So That is all for today quite honestly It’s just me talking about this wine how Great this wine is thank you for Watching and i’ll see you guys in the Next video Don’t forget to leave a like subscribe Comment down below And don’t forget to try this lovely Freaking white burgundy even if it’s not This particular one just any white Burgundy from mong rashes so Song or uh puny more mache region Because they’re just outrageously good And if you traditionally don’t like Chardonnays this might change your mind Just like it did to me so give it a try Alrighty thanks for watching bye You

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