How Long Do Open Bottles of Wine Last? (+ Tricks So They’ll Keep Longer)

How Long Do Open Bottles of Wine Last? (+ Tricks So They'll Keep Longer)

In this nerd lab we’re going to look at Why wine goes bad once you open it how Long open bottles last and how you can Make them last longer here we go [Music] Welcome to the Vias for Vino nerd lab we Take complicated wine topics and make Them simple today we’re talking about Wine open bottles of wine bottles wine So what happens when you open wine why Does it go bad at all oxygen once wine Is exposed to large amounts of oxygen Two things happen the acetic acid in the Wine feeds off the oxygen and gives the Wine a vinegary flavor and the alcohol Oxidizes and gives a Nutty kind of Bruised fruit character spoiled wine Isn’t going to kill you it just doesn’t Taste as good as it should so how long Do you have to consume wine once you Open it well it’s kind of on a Case-by-case basis first off different Wines have different levels of natural Preservatives like alcohol tannin sugar And sulfites which help keep wines fresh Longer second the less wine that’s in The bottle the more oxygen is in there Which speeds up deterioration that being Said if you made me land on a time limit I’d say two to five days depending on The line sparkling wines have the Shortest shelf life because of the Bubbles followed by Reds and full-bodied Whites and roses and light whites live

The longest the exceptions are fortified Lines like Sherry and Port which lasts About a month due to their high alcohol And oxidized wines like Madeira and Marsala which last for years because They’ve already been intentionally Exposed to oxygen during the wine making Process how can we make sure we get the Maximum amount of time possible first Close your bottles with either a cork or A stopper to prevent more oxygen from Getting in second storm in the fridge to Slow down oxidation because heat Encourages chemical reactions are there Any wine Savers out there that are worth Looking into short answer not my opinion There’s a whole slew of them out there The most popular being the vacuum based Ones But most of these options Garner mixed Results and are too often impractical Expensive or ineffective there is one Exception called the core of it but I Don’t use this to preserve open wines I Use it to never open the lines at all a Needle goes through the cork funnels out The wine and replaces the oxygen with Argon gas they claim that the wine will Keep for years but for me this has a Very specific purpose I use it mostly When I want to taste bottles without Opening them for videos or reviews in my Opinion it doesn’t make as much sense For pouring multiple glasses as the

Argon gas capsules are a bit expensive And the poor is a bit slow at the end of The day your best bet is to consume your Bottle within a day or two after opening After all life short right I hope you Enjoyed this nerd lab on open bottles of Wine as always keep geeking out [Music] If you’re looking for more wine content Head to our Channel we’ve got all our Full travel episodes available for free Plus a bunch of shorter YouTube videos Cheers [Music]

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