Costco (Kirkland) Chianti Wine Review and Tasting | Wine Verdict

Costco (Kirkland) Chianti Wine Review and Tasting | Wine Verdict

Today is not a blind tasting day but it Is a fun Tasting day review day wine tasting day Something like that because i found this Wine at costco and i tried to swine the 2018 vintage about a year ago and i fell In love with this since because the Amount of minerality amount of fruit Minimal wine making just basically the Perfect wine especially at nine freaking Dollars that is amazing for the value Let’s open this let’s taste them and see If it’s still good as 2018 vintage but It got worse they got better Who knows let’s begin right now All right let’s open this up shall we As a wine enthusiasts You cannot forget the notebook in a pen To write your tasting notes can’t you All right The wine tasting is going to be the same As usual color and the nose and palette Towards the end Color-wise it’s medium intensity i can See through the glass and it’s ruby Garnett right in between Some separation towards the rim i was Surprised to see 2019 vintage having Separation already so i thought that was Quite interesting and on the nose Medium intensity again but i get the Lovely floral blossom characteristics Right away and as it opens up there’s Some herbal characteristics dried herbs

Dry cherry some cherry going on and ever So slight va that nail polisher for a Big produced Sanjiv sa that is Absolutely normal absolutely and a Tolerable zone and there’s some earthy Tone some wet gravel characteristics so On the nose alone it’s very complex and The wood is ever so slightly in the Background really well integrated on the Nose so let’s taste them and see how Good this is shall we [Music] On the palate it’s medium plus in Acidity i get that very welcoming bright Acidity from sanjiv sa so that was very Very nice Medium on tannins it’s firm it’s there But it’s not coarse it’s very well Integrated medium plus and intensity it Just mouthful tasty wine and finish a Little on the average side medium finish And medium alcohol i thought this was 13 And a half and when i checked it it was Indeed 13 and a half percent on a Tasting upside it’s very cherry Vanilla red currant touch of oak Touch-up tobacco slight spiciness going On towards the background lots of floral And herbs character and it’s quite Minerally i get the iodine gravely Characters so it’s very very well made For nine dollars I don’t know what else to say because

This alone this amount of stuff i Written down is pretty spectacular for Nine dollar wine And wine making is minimal there was Just ever so slight touch of sweetness That i found initially after my first Sip it kind of went away but i was able To find that sweetness initially so There’s maybe a some sugar residual but Not by much And I was hoping they didn’t go into that Recipe wine and they didn’t they were in The border line of going towards it so I’m glad to see And That’s about it it’s a phenomenal line For 8.99 nine dollars at costco And for me to find all these Characteristics and not having to worry About you know you’re not getting that Particular great varietal Characteristics this is not it you’re Getting every part of sanjivsa’s great Varietal characteristics what can i say My wine verdict is you need to get a Case of this because It’s a lovely wine it’s a great everyday Drinking every other day every weekend Drinking because I would prefer this wine over some other 20 30 pinot noir or Chiantis that i can buy at a local Grocery stores that is all

Nine freaking dollars It’s a crazy wine i don’t know how they Managed to do this costco but i mean There are obviously some Okay to pour costco wines but this to me Personally is one of the best costco Wine That I can find especially for a value Standpoint To have nine dollar wine and to drink at This kind of level it’s it’s amazing so Go grab a wine bottle or two even a case And let me know what you guys think that In the comments alrighty so don’t forget To subscribe leave a like and i’ll see You guys in the next video thanks for Watching [Music] You

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