Coravin Wine System Overview and Guide (How to) | Wine Verdict

Coravin Wine System Overview and Guide (How to) | Wine Verdict

Today i’m going to talk about the corvin System specifically timeless now i don’t Personally recommend the pivot series Because for 50 extra i think you get a Lot more out of this system than you do On the pivot system so i’m going to run The intro real quick we’re going to be Right back We’re going to talk more about it shall I begin Corbin timeless has three different Major models three six and the eleven Three being the cheapest 11 being the Most expensive they all do the same Thing which is to preserve wine so if The price is a concern just get the Three don’t worry about it because There’s zero difference except model six Has a It’s a cosmetic upgrade it has a metal Spout and a metal switch and a little Prettier looking and a color whereas the 11 actually You don’t get any of this you get little Ginormous one with a bluetooth and it Pours it the amount you want and i think That’s quite waste of money for A lot of money so instead of that get a Model 3 and then get yourself a good Wine instead of getting a model 11. That’s my recommendation how does carbon System work so corbin system works by Poking the needle Into the wine

It releases the argon gas which is Heavier than oxygen and then as the gas Goes into the bottle it releases the Wine out it’s a little pressure system Basically i’m going to show you a little Demo how the cortland system works I heard many different Tips and tricks over the course of Ownership through reddit and other Youtube channels but this one tends to Work the best for my personal thing so Before you push the needle in all the Way release the gas just a touch This allows the remaining oxygen in the Needle in the system out so you get a Nice fresh of argan gas inside And push it gently There you go so angle it below Horizontal press the switch And then comes out the wine pretty Simple isn’t it [Music] And now when you think it’s almost done Just tilt it back [Music] And you’re done all you have to do is Take the take the top i’m going to do it Down here better grip And then you’re done this allows you to Get wine out of the bottle without ever Opening up the cork that is how the Corbin system works you don’t have to Open up the bottle in order to get some Wine i think this is a great system if

You are an avid drinker if you like to Drink wine every other day every weekend Because the problem is i had this Problem when i first started wine is i’m Opening a bottle i’m trying to finish it Just because I want to finish it it’s a good wine i Don’t want to go into the drain but Through corbin system I didn’t have to do any of that i can Just get a glass or two Not get super drunk And just be happy with the wine i got And i think that is very very appealing Choice because you can open up Relatively expensive wines like my Personal favorite like nickelodeon Nickel or stag sleep or silver oak or Any of the costco wines that i Recommended you can open all of that Without opening up a cork and you can Have them for weeks and months ahead now They advertise this as two years Me personally i think six months you got A good deal out of it open up drink it Up i wouldn’t personally do it all the Way to two years there’s a very Important factor here is you have to use A wine with a natural cork because Natural cork once the needle goes in and Comes back out it closes on its own Naturally however if the wine has Artificial cork it’s going to leak so Make sure you’re using the natural

Corked wine how to tell I use the rule of thumb of 20 30 rule Majority of the wine after 20 or 30 Dollars they are likely going to be Natural cork they have another accessory Like this one little screw cap Shown right here so wines with the screw Cap you can just open it up put this Right in and then use the corvin like The same But That obviously introduces the oxygen so For this method I give it maximum two weeks But it still works decently i say this Is about pivot system equivalent Basically so i think corbin system is a Must-have especially if you’re an avid Drinker because if you drink a lot of 40 50 Wines because you’re tired of cheap Wines with a lot of manipulation this is A great way to go because you can buy 40 50 wines at a store use a corvin keep it In the fridge and by the time for your Next round of glass or two it’s still Nice and fresh There’s a big if this is not a perfect System there’s always going to be oxygen Going into the bottle whether you like It or not there is oxygen is just Everywhere surrounding us so there is no Perfect way of extracting the wine from The bottle but this is one consumer

Level system that you can get it to Closest and if you’re gonna drink the Bottle within a few weeks go get it use It i loved it because i don’t have to Open up the whole bottle and just barely Drink half of them and toss the rest Because i hate doing it because this is Such a waste of wine whereas this i can Save the wine i can drink it later i can Enjoy it glass or two every other day or Whenever the occasion comes up So I hope this video kind of shows you what Corvin system is And if you have any questions Leave me a down in the comment I’ll get back to you as soon as i can Don’t forget to leave a like or dislike Subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the Next video thanks for watching bye [Music]

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