Chianti Wine Tasting | $20 Blind Tasting | Wine Verdict

Chianti Wine Tasting | $20 Blind Tasting | Wine Verdict

Today is a fun blind tasting day because I don’t know anything about the wine the Only thing i know is that they’re 20 and Under and they’re red wine so i don’t Know anything about grape variety no Region no vintage no nothing so i think This is going to be a fun blind tasting So i’m going to run the intro real quick We’ll be right back with the wine let’s Get this blind tasting started Shall we begin with the blind tasting All right you can tell wine a Is marked with white label and a wine b With a black label so you know which one I’m tasting and looking through all Right so let’s begin with white a Like the usual i’m going to check the Colors and the aromas and then tasting Towards the end [Music] So wine it’s a medium garnet a little Bit of browning going on towards the rim And on the nose i get cherry earthy Mushroom characteristics ever so Slightly volatile acidity so that nail Polish your boot polishing Characteristics and on a medium and Intensity on the aromatic so Not too bad Not a bad wine but also not the best Wine so i’m guessing that sub 20 range Not too bad going on the wine b [Music] Wine b it’s medium garnet as well but

It’s slightly darker than the last Because i’m not seeing any of that Browning on the rim and then overall on The nose i get green asparagus leafy Characteristics and some cherry some Earthy characters and same medium Intensity so again not the best one but Also not the worst good quality as of The nose there’s no floss so that’s a Plus and let’s go into the tasting going Back to Wine Wine quite nice medium plus in the Acidity medium tannins high on alcohol And medium and intensity and on the Flavor side i get lots of cherry Raspberry earth character and very very Slight volatile acidity that nail polish Your boot polishing characteristics and Alcohol burns behind my throat quite a Lot so Overall Not bad wine at all Lovely wine just alcohol a little too Much going with wine beet [Music] Wow what is this this is good Ymb medium and acidity medium tannins Medium alcohol medium plus on intensity And also medium plus unfinished the Finish lasts quite long i like it quite A lot and then on the palette i get Cherry raspberry earthy and mushroom Characteristics that green leafy

Characters i got on the nose i didn’t Get it in a palette so this is very well Made and I quite like it i like this much more Over the wine a Not that saying wine a is a bad wine i Just stylistically i like white and b a Little bit more this is a very tough Choice because i can’t really nail down What wine these are According to my palette and my aromas And color of the wine because it’s quite See-through and quite red I thought this was pinot noir at first Or even grenache But It has that level of complexity and Elegancy i don’t really expect from Pinot noir especially at this price Range So i’m a little bit leaning towards like An old world maybe Sanjivse Maybe garnage Tough choices but i’m going to leave it There definitely old world i’m going to Ask my wife to bring some bottles and Let’s see which one’s which shall we This is black doggy this is black So wine b Like this yep This is light [Music] I got my wines here let’s see which ones

Which i’m going to open up with wine First shall we All right moment of truth Chianti clasico Reserva From ruffino 2018 A little bit flawed from the va but not A terrible wine Now next to ymb Ah Papa 2018 chiantico clasico reserva campo Amoro Not bad at all pretty pretty darn nice Lovely lovely lovely you guys should Give this both a try but i think i’m Going to lean a little bit more towards The ymb right here because of lack of Ball to acidity it was a lot cleaner in My palate much more lovely wine and Ipping reserva on the finish and an Intensity it was a lot better than the Wine so i’m gonna give credit to the Wine bee which is the Campo almoro never heard of it But isn’t that the beauty of blind Tasting to find out wines that you never Even heard of So that is all for today thank you guys For watching don’t forget to leave a Like subscribe and i’ll see you guys in The next video thanks for watching bye [Music] You

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