Châteauneuf Du Pape – Kirkland (Costco) Wine Again? | Wine Verdict

Châteauneuf Du Pape - Kirkland (Costco) Wine Again? | Wine Verdict

Today is another blind tasting day i Have four shot enough to pop for you It’s a gsm variety which is ganache Syrah and more verde more verdi Providing that black fruit blue fruit a Little bit more dark fruit character Whereas grenache being a little bit more Red fruit fruit forward style whereas The syrah tends to be the balancer with A little bit of spiciness giving a Little complexity and structure shot now To pop is one of my favorite wine Because it’s big and punchy filled with Red fruits blue fruits earthy tones but Complex it’s lovely wine so this is Going to be interesting one because the Price starts at 20 But the most expensive one here is about 60 So there is some price gap between here And there and let’s see if 20 wine is as Good as 60 or will 60 dollar wine gonna Smoke the crap out of 20 wine Shall i begin starting now I got my wines i got my notebook and a Pen so let’s begin with the wine tasting Shall we to see which wine i’m trying You can tell by the base of the Hawaiians here it’s color-coded black Orange white and gray and it’s going to Be a b C and d As followed so you know which one i’m Trying also i’m going to have graphics

Around this area right here so you can See what i’m trying and my taste notes All that kind of stuff like the usual We’re gonna do the colors and the nose First and then palette towards the end So let’s begin With the wine a So wine a is medium ruby in color a Medium and intensity on the nose i get Lots of lots of floral characteristics Like roses violet and blossom Touch of earthy tones in the background A little bit of oak minty green Character like asparagus and touch of Cherry i get a lot more floral Characteristics in the foreground and a Little bit more of that cherry A cranberry characters in the background It’s usually the other way around so on That sounds quite interesting but Still lovely on the nose i like it It’s not flat that’s always a nice thing Isn’t it Moving on to y and b shall we Ymb is medium ruby to garnet color Because i see a lot more separation Towards the rim so i’m guessing this is A little bit more aged wine at older Vintages and on the nose it’s a medium Intensity i get earthy characters Gravels mushroom it’s a little savory And quite honestly i don’t get much of The fruit like a red berry Cherry or cranberry characteristics on

This particular one is quite muted so It’s quite interesting Not as impressive as the last one in Terms of the nose but who knows in the Palette so we’re going to move on to y And c Y and z is medium ruby slight separation Towards the rim it’s right in between One a and b and on the nose it’s medium Intensity floral Minty Earthy characters and i get that Slightly bit of candy bubble gum which Is sign of carbonic maceration wine d Y d very similar to y and c medium ruby Slight separation towards the rim and The nose medium intensity floor Characteristics like blossom roses Earthy a little bit of candy in the Background and some cherry going on so Exceptional wine a and b which was Distinctively different wine c and d is Quite similar together let’s try them And see which one i like the best shall We going back to wine [Music] Wine is medium minus and acidity medium Plus and tannins high in alcohol medium Intensity on the palette i get cherry Charred cherry earthy characters and Herbs like dried herbs a little bit Herbaceous and then it’s quite tannic It’s really really grippy not softened At all

Probably because i’m guessing it’s a Younger vintage but very nice wine but i Think can definitely age for a few more Eaters in the cellar kind of soften up Those tannins But it doesn’t have the Acidity that i really like i wish the Acidity level was a little high to give It a little bit more refreshing Characters because this is very dark Dark bold Big punchy as of right now so i mean in That sense it’s a great wine but my Personal liking is Touch more acidity would have been Perfect moving on to wine b [Music] I just have to say Wow because This is one of the best shots of the Bobs i ever had so far ymb is medium and Acidity medium plus and tannins high Alcohol medium plus intensity medium Plus finish it’s very very elegant it’s Filled with cherry plum Lovely mushroom earthy gravel tones in The background And little herbs dried herbs a touch of Floral characteristics it’s extremely Complex it’s well structured Very very nice wine lovely wine on the Nose this was my least favorite but in The palette i think this is going to be My favorite as of right now moving on to

Wine c [Music] Y and z is medium in acidity medium Tannins high in alcohol medium intensity Medium finish it’s quite medicinal Herbaceous Cherry earth but very slightly it’s some Va’s going on And i thought this was a no good wine Because Compared to amb This this falls off short really short So If this is a 20 wine this would be it Not that impressive [Music] Moving on to wine d Windy is medium acidity medium plus Tannins high alcohol medium plus Intensity and medium on finish it’s a Very nice wine i get cherry charred Cherry earth tones mushroom gravel and That touch of bubble gum very good wine Overall amazing tasting and here are my Final thoughts are that wine b and d is Definitely on the upper tier in my Personal opinion A Being the next C being the last now c Was just lacking a lot of complexity and Structure i would expect from shots Enough to pop Whereas a was just about right that

Entry level 30 40 level whereas y b and D it delivered the most y and d being The slightly less so if i were to pick In terms of numbers i’ll go with y and b Being number one Wine d being number two A being my number three And line c being the number four Nonetheless i’m going to ask my wife Jenna to grab some wines and see Which ones are which Shall we Thank you black black all the way in Okay this is gray gray Oh this is black i’m going to start with My favorite one the wine bee So [Music] I hope this is not a 20 wine because if This is 20 wine everyone should get it Because this is really freaking good All right [Music] What is it 2017 Chateauneuf de pop E guigal out of all the wines today this Is the most expensive wine But quite honestly it’s worth every Dollar because out of all the wines Today here it showed the most amount of Trishari characteristics And most elegant it’s big and punchy at The same time elegant complex it’s it’s

A lovely wine that’s all i have to say Really good really well made Moving on to wine d [Music] [Music] What is this Chateau [Music] 2018. I hope i’m pronouncing it right because I don’t i’m really bad at pronouncing French words this is really well made It’s lovely it this wine got closest to The one previous one and i think this is About 40 or 50 depending where you Purchase it but i found this at costco For about 35 39 so a little below forty Dollars so really good value for what it Is Lovely wine awesome now moving on to Wine a All right I am surprised that this will be my Third pick kirkland shouting out the pup 2020. It’s a pretty darn good wine for Dollars like Man Really well made for twenty dollars i Liked it Awesome and last but not least Wine c Shot enough to pop 2019

Oh gosh Grill grilla may go net I hope i’m pronouncing this correctly I’m pretty sure i’m not wine c out of All the wine was medicinal and Herbaceous it it just wasn’t generous Enough But at the same time it’s the second Cheapest wine out of all the flight Today these were the shot enough to bops What do you guys think did you like it Was an amazing tasting i loved it every Moment of it despite there’s one an okay One But The wine b And the y and d it was a lovely one like This is a reason why i love drinking Wine because Especially blind tasting because when i As i do blind tasting they’re little Here and there it gets your subjective Mind out of your head because you don’t Know which one is which just a class act It’s just a class that point these two It’s it’s a lovely freaking wine it’s Amazing that’s all i have to say the Underdog here the kirkland wine here 20 The cheapest wine here came out the Third That is very surprising really really Well made i i liked it too now is it as Good as wine b or y and d here Definitely not but for a third of a cost

Of the ymb For 20 It delivers it’s actually really well Made for 20 If you never tried shutting off the pups In your life Go give the kirkland one a try because It’s Affordable And it shows all the characteristics i Would expect from shots enough to pop It’s not the most elegant nor not the Most complex but twenty dollars it’s Hard to beat that is all for y’all today It’s a really really good tasting it’s Been fun drink responsibly and i’ll see You guys in the next video alrighty Don’t forget to leave a comment down Below Give me a like Don’t forget to subscribe and i’ll see You in the next video bye [Music] You

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