Blind Tasting White Wines Under $15 | Wine Verdict

Blind Tasting White Wines Under $15 | Wine Verdict

Today is another fun blind tasting day We’re going to try three white wines and That’s all i know well except it’s 15 And under i don’t know the vintage i Don’t know the great variety i don’t Know where it’s from so those three Things gonna be the ones that i’m gonna Try to look for and find what it is and Of course the quality assessment if They’re worthwhile paying fifteen Dollars ten dollars or five dollars Whatever the wine was and then let’s see If there are any good wines shall we If you’re new to the channel i usually Go by My left your right is a b and c it’s Also labeled by the base right here with The orange white and black label as Followed shall we begin with the blind Tasting all right like the usual nose And the color first and then the tasting Towards the end All right Wine Wine it’s pale clear ever so slight Lemon kind of yellow color it’s very Very very pale i can see through almost Everything it’s like almost water but Just touch of yellowing and then on the Nose i get medium intensity lots of Stone fruits like peach apricot little Herbaceous green grassy characters in The background but also some wet stone Soily gravel thing going on so this is

Very well made i like it all right Moving on to Wine b Wine b very similar to the wine a it’s Pale clear Ever so slight lemony but this is Slightly more clearer than the wine a And then on the nose it’s medium Intensity stone fruits as well peachy Apricot but ever so slightly more Herbaceous that grassy asparagus Characters and every touch of That gravel wet gravel soil Characteristics so a and b so far very Very similar moving on to Ymc wine c is also pale clear slight Lemon characteristics very similar color To wine a and on the nose medium Intensity stone fruits like peachy and Apricot and there’s just touch of citrus Characters like lemon lemon zest similar Herbaceous grassy asparagus notes So they’re all very much like in the Same vicinity in terms of nose and the Color There’s not a single one here that Really sticks out in terms of which one Is in terms of better in quality so They’re all about the same initially Let’s taste them and the seeds is any Different shall we all right going back To Wine Wine very nice wine high in acidity

Medium plus in intensity medium plus and Finish it’s apricot peachy touch of Lemon in the background herbaceous Some floral characteristics going on Like I would say more like blossom and violet And just touch up gravelly earthy Characters in the background like a soil So this is really well made I like it a lot Alright moving on to wine b [Music] Wine bee its medium plus acidity medium Intensity and medium finish Similar to the last one apricot lemon Herbaceous it’s cleaner but it’s also Simpler and not as complex as the wine a I felt like the finish intensity is not As much as the wine so wine b is a good Wine but wine a so far better than wine B for sure moving on to Wine c [Music] Wine c similar dance to the y and b high In acidity medium plus intensity and Medium finish i get peach lemon but Touch more like a grapefruit character a Little more of herbaceous slightly bit Of floral characteristics so better than Wine b but not as good as wine a my Initial assessment i think wine a is the Best wine out of the flight Wine c being the closest and wine b Following by so i’m gonna go away one

Two and three in terms of what kind of Wine i would like to drink i like the Purity of the wine of the ymc ymb i just Thought it was a little too simple on a Wine anc it showed some Characteristics a little bit more Structure but on wine a i got just a Touch of richness in my palette that i Didn’t get on the any other i also Thought there was a touch of sugar Residual left over in the yna which Might give me that richness to the wine And that’s what sugar does overall very Great tasting uh on the palette that Showed a classic characteristics of Sauvignon blanc so i thought this was so Real blanc and then in terms of region Which i’m having a hard time nailing i Get a little bit more of that green Asparagus character which is just Classic new zealand characteristics so I’m going to go with new zealand Blanc newer vintages like 2020 or even 21. So i’m excited to see what the results Are let’s see what the wines are shall We are you sure And orange Orange let’s see what they are shall we Beginning with Wine Right [Music] 2021 marlboro new zealand very very

Well-known Wine across the nation because Highly recommended Wines and restaurants Especially seafood restaurants because It’s relatively cheap It’s pretty darn good for with the Seafood and for the price it delivers Amazingly very very well made i like That moving on to Wine b [Music] All right Another 2021 southern blanc from Fern ridge and lastly Wine c [Music] Oh Kim crawford starring blanc 2021 Lovely wine overall very fun Interesting tasting because This is the benefit of blind tasting Because it takes your Biased mind away and then i never Thought one of the cheapest sauvignon Blancs in the market the matua will Become my first pick So really well made i loved it anyhow It’s been a fun blind tasting Chilies wines very nice cold in the Fridge at least a couple of hours and Before you serve it have it in the Freezer for like five to ten minutes

That will make it that extra cold and You’ll love it because the fruits will Be extra crispy and the alcohol will Kind of soften up really well so have it With like a seafood Salmon oysters Crabs lobsters that kind of stuff you’ll Love it every minute of it or you can Have it on its own it’s a very easy to Drink so that’s all for today Thank you for watching all of you don’t Forget to leave a like subscribe and I’ll see in the next video [Music] You

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