Best Cheap and Affordable Pinot Noir | Wine Verdict

Best Cheap and Affordable Pinot Noir | Wine Verdict

Today is like an extension of last Week’s video instead of beaujolais today We’re going to talk about burgundy now i Only have one burgundy wine as burgundy Wines are expensive but i have pinot Noir the most generic and easy to find Wine luigido pinot noir from bergon Burgundy has tier system as well from Ground crew premier crew village and the Regular bergon so today i’m going to Blind taste them to see how much the Difference they are between beaujolais And the burgundy from between pinot noir To gourmet so let’s begin with the Tasting right now All right let’s start with the wine Shall we Wine it’s medium ruby nice and red it’s Earthy characters are quite apparent the Mushroom with gravel forest floor are Really really there and then cherry Cranberry red fruits are also there and I get hint of herbal characteristics in The background so very very nice i like It let’s go with the wine b wine b is Medium and purple i see a little bit More blue in the wine itself i get Banana candy characters on the nose also With some earth and mushroom characters Along with lovely signs of floral and Herbal characteristics i really like it About medium intensity but i would say It’s slightly better on the intensity on This wine than the last one i will say

This one is about medium this one is About medium minus all right let’s go Back with wine a and taste them and see Which one’s which [Music] Wine on the palette it’s medium plus in Acidity medium tannin medium alcohol Medium intensity and lastly medium and Finish as well so everything is almost a Medium sized exception of the acidity is Nice and bright i kind of like it i get A lot of red berry cherry red currant Lots of herbs i get a lot more herbs in The palette than i did in the nose and In the background it’s nice signs of Earth and tobacco really really well Made let’s go with ymb Wine b is also medium on everything the Acidity tannins alcohol intensity finish They’re all medium I get lots of red berries cherry lots of Floral characteristics like lavender and Slight earthiness in the background it’s Very very nice they’re both in fact very Very nice drink However if i were to pick my favorite Pick I think it’s going to be The beaujolais village because i just Love that floral characteristics i get On my palette and on the nose Wine a I mean it’s not a terrible wine It’s just

I wish there’s something more to it also It’s not the apples to apples comparison Because this is a vollage level versus This is not so a more fair comparison Would have been a bergon Pinot noir versus a beaujolais a Straight beaujolais but i don’t have to Beaujolais with me so i did it with the Village it definitely shows that Beaujolais village is definitely a Better wine than it is on a straight Massive borgon region pinot noir this Pinot noir is still beautiful because i Get that lovely bright acidity the Cherries the earth characters it’s Really really Elegant i love it i just wish the extra Level of complexity from a higher tier Vineyards and that will definitely take This wine to the another level and That’s what a higher tier pinot noirs Can do versus the gemay At this current level it’s already of a Lodge and it shows it the floor Characteristics are definitely more Apparent therefore I have to give a hand for the village Wine however That doesn’t mean this is a wine by Any stretch of imagination this is a Lovely wine i got carried away i Actually never showed you guys the wine So My wife actually had to stop me to

Get the bottles back because i was so Confident that which wine was which and Well if i better be right because This So Let’s start with wine which is i thought It was pinot noir [Music] It is Pinot noir pergone 2018 luigi It’s a lovely Lovely wine I love the elegancy I love How pure the grapes are so Amazing And ymb This automatically makes it to be a [Music] Beaujolais collage yep The same beaujolais village from last Week Special selection From Jean-claude de bone amazing wine 2020. Today’s wine verdict and learning lesson Is that these two wines are both amazing And i’m gonna leave that there because They are although i thought the Beaujolais village had on its edge Because of the extra complexity from the Floor characteristics that i really Really liked

The elegancy hidden behind On louisiana’s pinot noir was also Really really magnificent so either or Whichever wine you choose You’re not going to be disappointed so Give both a try and let me know what you Guys think I’m excited to hear your feedback so Don’t forget to subscribe Don’t forget to leave a like and i’ll See you guys in the next video thanks For watching bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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