Best Affordable Wine for Holiday Dinner – 2022 | Wine Verdict

Best Affordable Wine for Holiday Dinner - 2022 | Wine Verdict

Today I have three red wines ready for You and they are all thirty dollars and Under They’re going to be perfect pair for Your next Christmas or New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day party that you have Planned and I think they’re gonna go Really well with almost any main dish That you’re thinking of whether it’s Chicken pork beef or even lamb and I’m Gonna do a blind tasting and tell you The tasting notes and see which one you Like personally the most I tried to find All this wines at relatively easy to Find spaces such as spaces stores such As Costco or Total Wine which are pretty Abundant throughout the United States so I’m hoping you can grab a bottle and Enjoy it just as much as I did so enough With the Chit Chat let’s begin with the Intro shall we Foreign I got my notebook and the wines let’s do Some blind tasting shall we so I have my Three wines here they’re labeled on the Base right here black orange and white And wine A B and C so you know which I’m Tasting I’ll also have a little Graphics Right here so you know which I’m going For and then we’re gonna start with 1A shall we Wine a it’s medium ruby red I can see The text through the wine but the color Is very very lovely there’s some

Separation towards the rim I think it’s A sign of some aging going and then on The nose I get really lovely floral Characteristics black cherry cherry Notes earthy leather tone but also I get The little subdued breathless character Which in my opinion I think it needs a Little bit more time in the glass it’s Been sitting here for about good 15 Minutes but I think more time wouldn’t Hurt this particular wine But still lovely on the nose Like it a lot Moving on to Wine B the orange Wine be I get lovely medium ruby red Color slightly more see-through I get Lots of cherry vanilla on the background And I get initially this lovely floral Eucalyptus Violet Rosy characteristics Right away and then some herbs and some Earth Tone in the background and about Medium and intensity I love the smell on it this is really Good I feel like I’m smelling like a Rose garden right here this is Really really attractive one in the nose All right moving on to Wine c [Music] Y and c I get medium plus practically Deep ruby red color I can barely see the Text through the line and on the nose I Get medium intensity of vanilla Chocolate right away and lots of black Fruits like black Trends black licorice

And on the background I got just touch Of earthy and tobacco notes This is also pretty on the nose just Like the last one So today all the three wines we’re Having there is no bad wine here that’s Always a good sign and let’s go back to Wine a let’s taste them and see which One I like the best shall we All right moving back to Wine a [Music] H nice wine a it’s medium acidity Tannins and about medium Plus in the Finish and on the palette I get lots of Black currants black cherry some Cherries Earth leather tobacco and There’s that underlying Herby Characteristics that Like Rosemary or That’s it’s very appealing there’s that Just touch of herbs in the back of my Tongue and that’s very very appealing of This wine moving on too wine B Let’s see Why B is medium plus an acidity medium Minus on tannins about medium on the Finish and I get initially that right Away that mineral iron characteristics Which is very very appealing and after That just bond with cherry berries red Fruits right away raspberry and it Finishes with floral Rose Violet herb Earthy characters this is very nice wine Especially for thirty dollars as well

They’re very very enjoyable A lovely wine Moving on too Bye and see All the wines here we have today sorry Great stuff because there’s no bad wine Here today and I’m loving it because of That reason All right moving on to palette for y and C it is medium and acidity and tannins Medium Plus on the finish and then on The palette I get that green pepper from Probably I’m guessing this is Cabernet Sauvignon because I get that lot of Piercing green pepper black currants Black fruits black licorice characters Some chocolate some vanilla tobacco and Very in the background just touch up Like bay leaves black tea and spices Notes this is very very well made And if I were to guess this is Definitely New World Napa Valley Sonoma I’m guessing This is really really good And then wine B is under color alone I Thought this was pinot and that I’m keep Thinking this is a Pinot Noir And wine a I thought this was like Cab as well but I couldn’t get to New World so I’m gonna stick with like Bordeaux or even like super Tuscan from Italy There’s no one here that I wouldn’t Drink so

All great wines I’m gonna ask my wife Jenna to bring some wines and see Which wines are these shall we while we Wait for Jenna to come in for the Bottles of wine I’m gonna talk some About food recommendation and Wine c out Of all was the heaviest and I felt like This would be perfect pairing with like Beef or lamb whereas wine a it’s kind of Like a little bit less in terms of how Heavy it is so I will still stick with Like Beef but I think you can introduce with Pork like a pork chop or even lamb as Well but if you’re going with lamb I Think Wine c is a little bit better for That in my opinion and then wine B it’s Relatively light I can sip on this on Its own as well and I’ll probably stick With this with like chicken Pasta or even ham pork so I’m the Lighter version of the porks not like The heavy grilled pork but this will be Perfect or even like a appetizer wine I Think this would be very good decision For that so overall very great selection We have for depending on what kind of Dish you’re having for your holiday Parties so I think she’s right over the Corner so Let’s get the wine shall we Orange Black I got the wines let’s reveal them and

See which one’s which shall we moving on To 1A I really liked flying A’s that Earthy herbal characteristics I felt it Had a little bit more Soil characters if you’re into that Stuff It is Chateau Lillian loudies Santa Steph Bordeaux 2016. Um a couple more years in the cellar This can turn into a whole different Wine as well so Great underlying fruit great quality Lovely wine awesome stuff I’ll put it right here all right a wine B [Music] Itch It is A Corey labone 2020 luigiado Burgundy Pinot Noir this is a Lovely wine I love that floral Characteristics on the nose I love that Bright Cherry right on the palette People pleasing Line This Will pair Beautifully with pork or salads or Salmon Tuna yeah lovely I love this a lot Really good stuff Wine c i remember this being the very Heavy on the vanilla and chocolate but Not as much as in the palette and then It just showed that typical New World

Wine characteristics so I hope this is New World shall we see it All right It is Louisa Martini Alexander Valley 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Very well made today This three lines it’s been spectacular Especially for thirty dollars I think The Bordeaux here I think it was 26.99 At Total Wine this one was 27.99 at Costco this one right here is 29.97 at Total Wine as well thank you for Watching don’t forget to leave a like Subscribe and leave it down in the Comments what you guys think of these Wines and what do you guys have planned For your special holiday night I’ll see You in the next video hopefully with the White wine series alright bye-bye thank You Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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