3 Beaujolais Wines Blind Tasting – $12, $14, $20 | Wine Verdict

3 Beaujolais Wines Blind Tasting - $12, $14, $20 | Wine Verdict

Today we have this lovely three wines From beaujolais now i don’t know which One is which but in this three we have Straight beaujolais bonjour live village And bonjour like crew specifically from Fleury i don’t know which one is which It’s been mixed up and i’m going to Blind taste them but before we do i want To go over a few stuff about the Beaujolais now they’re located south of Burgundy a little bit north of lyon it’s A big chunk of area and land of Beaujolais however to be considered the Lodge and crew it’s a very small portion Of those therefore the village and crew Wine supposed to be higher quality than The straight was july now today i’m Quite excited to see if i can tell the Difference between each one of them or At least how good the crew or the Village wine is if the quality Assessment is correct by the aoc the Straight beaujolais is supposed to be Worse than bourgeois lodge followed by The crew i think that was a pretty good Educational material i think we should Dive in straight to the wine shall we Wine a is medium Slightly see-through and then it’s Purple in color because i see a little Bit of more blue and then on the nose i Get cherry plum floral characteristics Like rose violet a little bit of herbal And i get that little bit hint of banana

And a little that sweet candy going on On the nose which is a sign of a classic Gamete beaujolais wine [Music] I like it Not too bad We’re gonna move on to wine b So wine b is medium and purple about the Same as the last wine and then on the Nose i get cherry plum but it’s slightly Less floral but it’s still there just Not as much as the wine a but i also get A banana and bubble gum classic sign of Game boy july wines so not too bad Either pretty good Wine c was one of the most unique one Out of all the three today because it is Medium and purple same in terms of Intensity and color however it is a Little bit more opaque than the other Two so it’s slightly less see-through it Is still see-through but not as much as It is on the other two On the nose it’s filled with cherry plum Red berries and lots of and lots of Floral characteristics like violet rose Blossom distinct screams floral Characteristics It’s very lovely in the nose So we’re going to go back to wine and Taste them and see how we like it To me wine is quite simple i get cherry Plum medium minus length and finish and Medium on acidity tannins and alcohol so

Kind of checks all the medium boxes but A little bit on the lesser side on the Intensity and the length and the finish Moving on to wine b To me wine b is quite similar to the y a Cherry plum medium and acid tannin Medium and alcohol however the intensity The length and the finish was little Ever so slightly higher than the last One at medium instead of medium minus Moving on to ymc The ync is medium on acid tannin and Alcohol but i get medium plus on the Finish i think it’s ever so slightly Longer in my palate intensity and almost Everything else was quite similar to the Other another key difference was The cherry the plum that red berry Characters were about the same but i got A little bit more of the floral Characteristics in my palette my wine Verdict for today is it’s very difficult To tell the difference however the Difference is there if you really take Your time and look for the difference i Think wine c is the flurry the crew Y and b the village and wine a being the Straight beaujolais that is what i think I hope i’m right otherwise this is going To be an embarrassing video So Can you bring me the bottles please Let’s see if i got any one of these Right shall i begin we’re going to begin

With wine So i thought this was the straight Beaujolais If there’s nothing but straight Beaujolais It’s a disappointing wine If it has straight beaujolais i think it Deserves what it to be let’s see This is the straight beaujolais 90 points by james suckling I mean i have to say it wasn’t a Terrible wine it wasn’t a terrible wine I think that is what i appreciate in the Old world wine is they let the grape do The job if there is some Lack of complexity or structure they Just let it be but grape is pure it’s a Lovely wine Dollars can’t beat Let’s begin with the wine bee shall we Bonjour village Nice And this automatically makes it to be The flurry the beaujolais crew Yep If i’m pronouncing correctly Flurry 2020. So They are all 2020 and they’re all made by same Winemaker so i can minimize Possible variation happening between Wine making and the vintage so i can

Assess the wine purely based on the Region itself where the grape is from This was actually quite a tough tasting Because i really had to dig through the Wine and look for the extra level of Complexity or structure that each one Either had or did not have difficult Tasting but also fun but very tasty That’s the thing i think none of the Wines today here are losers because They’re all great wines i think they Were 12 13 or 14 And 20 Out of all i can recommend all three of Them but if i were to choose one i’ll Probably choose the village wine because Of the value standpoint i think the Village can deliver for its price it’s Really well made it’s lovely but all of These wines are actually really well Made i can’t complain anything because They’re great wines that’s all i have to Say Thank you for watching everyone i hope This video kind of guides you through What Beaujolais is the difference between the Village the crew and the regular And i hope to see you guys in the next Video don’t forget to leave a like And subscribe i’ll see you guys in the Next video thanks for watching [Music]


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