$15 and Under Affordable Pinot Noir Blind Tasting (ft. Costco/Kirkland Wine) | Wine Verdict

$15 and Under Affordable Pinot Noir Blind Tasting (ft. Costco/Kirkland Wine) | Wine Verdict

Today i have three pinot noirs for you They’re all from united states and They’re all Under 15 Very affordable and they’re all Relatively very easy to find at any of Your local wine stores so i’m going to Give them a try and see which one i like The most which one i like the least and If they’re worth while drinking shall i Begin with the intro real quick tasting Starting right now I brought my wines in i got my notebook In a pen so i can write stuff down and I’m going to start with wine a B and c and you can always tell the wine By looking at the base right here it’s a Little color-coded so it’s going to be Orange black and white and i’ll order so We’re going to start with One a shall we Wine it’s medium ruby it’s very very See-through i can see through my hand Through the wine And on the nose it’s medium and Intensity i get lots of floral Characteristics like violet and rose on The fruit side i get cherry raspberry And slightly bit of earthy undertone Going on in the background nicely well Done and moving on to Wine b Wine b is also medium and ruby however It’s a slightly darker color than the y

A and on the nose it’s medium intensity I get more of the fruit characters like Cherry and raspberry and i get a little Bit of that coca-cola that’s sweet on The nose a little bit of herbal little Bit of floral characteristics like Eucalyptus and blossom not too bad Either Now time for ymc Let’s give it a try Wine c is my least favorite medium ruby Similar to ymb but a little bit more red I think wine b was slightly darker and On the nose medium intensity very very Slight levels of cherry and earthiness But i get lots of nail polish boot Polishing going on and that is a sign of Volatile acidity and Quite honestly i’m not sure it could be This particular bottle it could be this Particular batch but as of right now This is my least favorite at least by The nose But it could be different than the Palette so we’re gonna move on to wine Let’s taste them shall we Wine a is quite straightforward in a Very good way Whatever i got on the nose i got it in My palette i got medium plus on the Acidity medium minus on the tannins and Medium on the finish i get lots of Cherry raspberry earthy characteristics Like gravel i get lots of floral and

Herbal characteristics in the background Like eucalyptus and dried herbs that Kind of stuff so very very well made and Knowing the price is under 15 This is really good i like it a lot now It’s time to move on to Ymb [Music] Ymb is actually not that bad similar to Last one but just different Characteristics i get medium on the Acidity medium minus on tannin medium on The finish and on the palette i get Cherry raspberry lots of dried herbs in The background a little bit of Earthiness it’s really really well made I like it as well this is pretty good Too yeah not bad at all i like it Now lastly Wine c Wine c still unfortunately maintains to Be my least favorite out of all the Three uh medium minus and acidity medium Minus and tannin and pretty short in Finish and i only get cherry and little Bit of herbs characteristics but it’s Very pushing for me to even write it Down and then i get lots of nail polish Or food polisher characteristics it’s Either just poorly made wine or it’s Flawed wine it could be this particular Bottle it could be particular batch or This particular entire case or whatever Would i recommend this wine not really

Um even though if this were to be this Particular batch or bottle kind of thing I still can’t Taste or smell underlying dense core Grape for it to overcome whatever the Flaw it has so on that sense i’ll give This wine a big no-go however The wine a and b right here the orange And the black one it was really good my Wine verdict is Avoid y and c But why an amb i think they’re both Pretty good i think a lot of you is Going to like wine a but if you want More of that gravelly earthy Characteristics ymb would be a better Choice for you so i think that basically Sums it up i’m going to ask my wife to Bring some bottles and let’s see which Wine is which shall we white this is White this is white [Music] [Applause] Orange orange I got the wines here let’s open it up And see which one is which now my a and B was my favorite wine C being the least so i’m going to open Up with a and b first c being the last So let’s open up with wine a And see which one it is What is it uh where’s the label there You go Kirkland pinot noir

Caneros napa valley 2020 Very very well made i liked it a lot And wine b Robert mondavi Wow Pinot noir 2019 California And lastly Wine c Vineyard reserve Samuel robert winery pinot noir 2020 I didn’t like it that much at all Wine c the samuel rubber winery i picked This because this was labeled number one At total wine Now Like i said it could have been this Bottle but I didn’t like this wine at all because It just Flawed with nail polish and boot Polisher lots of volatility Not a good choice 15 I mean Out of all three this is the most Expensive one so it should have been Delivered the most but it didn’t it Delivered the least So that says something about the 10 wine Right here the kirkland pinot noir Lately the kirkland wine’s been just Superb it’s it’s amazing quality for What you pay and

It shows again in pinot noir it showed In napa valley one in last week’s and it Showed again in pinot noir so pretty Done good wine go give it a try And surprisingly the robert mundavi Private selection pinot noir 2019 This is eight dollars Killer wine again for the price not bad At all I like it go give this a try and let me Know what you guys think all right there Has to be a reason why this wine got Number one at total wine is and it’s not By like total wine themselves it’s by The actual drinkers i had a relatively High expectation to become like similar To like The kirkland one but it didn’t deliver At all so i hope this is a bottle thing Or batch issue not a wine issue as a Whole Just go buy these it’s Manipulation is almost zero to none they Left the grape alone and I’m happy with that So That is all for today thanks for Watching everyone i’ll see you guys in The next video Don’t worry to like subscribe and leave A comment down below what do you guys Think of these wines alrighty thanks bye [Music] You

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