$15 Affordable Bordeaux Blind Tasting | Wine Verdict

$15 Affordable Bordeaux Blind Tasting | Wine Verdict

Today is another blind tasting day but Unlike other videos i’ve done in the Past this time i don’t know anything About them only thing i know is that There are red wines at a little price i Don’t know the grape variety the region Or the vintage so this is going to be a Fun complete blind tasting so i’m gonna Try to figure out what these wines are And see kind of guess their price tag And their region and grape variety all That kind of stuff so let’s begin right Now beginning with the intro real quick Like the usual color and the nose first And then palette towards the end you can Track the wine by the base orange black And white I’m going to start with wine a And let’s see how it is wine a on the Color wise it’s medium groovy some Separation towards the rim it’s going Almost towards garnet but it’s still Ruby and on the nose i get cherry red Currants some herbs some floral Characteristics medium and intensity Nothing really special or out of the World kind of nosing just very standard Very clean entry-level wine at least There’s no Major sign of manipulation so that’s a Good sign isn’t it Alright moving on to Wine b Wine b is very similar to wine a in

Terms of color it’s medium ruby some Separation towards the rim and on the Nose i get cherry and that cocoa powder Dusty kind of characteristics and medium Minus and intensity Initially there wasn’t just much thing Going on if there’s not enough Complexity or structure it’s very simple In the nose and i really have to dig in To get that characteristics moving on to Ymc The ymc it’s medium ruby Light separation towards the rim it’s Darkest out of all the wines today here On the nose medium intensity i get that Green asparagus characteristics black Currants some pepper spicy notes going On tobacco and some oak in the Background and nothing over the top Complex or Out of the world you know phenomenal Wines here that i see So if i were to take a guess on price Range just in the nose i think these are About 30 and under let’s go straight to The palette and see if Any of these are good wines shall we Moving back to Wine [Music] Wine i get medium acidity medium tannins Medium finish and medium intensity Medium on all the major categories and On the palate i get mineral

Characteristics cherry some floral and Herbal characteristics and slight touch Of tobacco and wood oak characteristics In the background it’s a very well made Wine Nothing spectacular nothing like Excellency but also not poor or crap Wine by any means this is good wine Straightforward No major manipulation clean good wine i Like it Moving on to Wine b [Music] Wine b similar to y a it’s medium on all The major categories the acidity tannins Finish and intensity and on the palette I get that dusty oak in the foreground And i get that more of that fruit Characteristics in the background which Is Not really pleasant for me And on the background i get that black Currants black cherry little herbs and Just touch of astringency going on and i Thought it was just an okay wine So far wine a is a better wine than ymb That for sure and i think just that oak Is just way too much dominating the wine Over the fruit source so in that sense i Can’t really recommend this that much Moving on to wine d no there’s no wine d Moving on to wine c Wine c also quite interesting medium on

All the categories the acidity tannin Intensity and finish And on the palate i get lots of green Asparagus characteristics ever so solid Astringency some oak and black currants Um None of these i would consider complex i Can’t consider these complex but i can’t Consider it simple it’s like right in Between it’s like simple plus or like Complexity minus it I’m just making [ __ ] up at this point Anyways Um They all tasted very Entry-level wine to me uh if i were to Guess price tag I’ll have to say Definitely 20 and under i would be happy To pay for these about 10 to 14 15 So that’s my overall pricing guessing And in terms of great varietal and Region i think wine a and b could have Been chianti but Ymc definitely guided me towards that Bordeaux variety so Is out of the picture and i didn’t get That lovely acidity That i would normally expect from knt so At the end of the day i went as all Three all three of these being bordeaux Variety from Bordeaux And

Or even italy i thought A and b could have been italy like a Super tuscan But i couldn’t really nail it to any Particular Region in terms of it’s either italy or France Vintage pretty recent i’m guessing 19 or 20. And price range i said earlier that Under 20 but i think 10 to 15 is what i Would actually pay to purchase these Wines and try them but wine b to me Falls off pretty short If hard to guess wine b i think it’s the Cheapest Followed by y and c and then a being the Most expensive so i’m going to ask my Wife jenna to grab some wines and let’s See which ones are which shall we and Orange this is orange Let’s open this up i’m going to start With wine my favorite wine of the flight A Straight bordeaux no Appalachian Yep just straight bordeaux 2020. 65 merlot 25 cab and 10 Camry frog Not bad Lovely liked it a lot All right Moving on to Wine c

[Music] It’s another bordeaux 2019 Palin Chateau palin Lovely wine And on the back it does not say the How many percentage of the grape variety Is So just straight bordeaux again Not too bad [Music] Now lastly Wine b Right it is Another bordeaux chateau oh Well I think t is silent not sure i am Definitely butchering this word 2018 does not say the percentage of the Great variety So Not too bad either but just that dusty Oaky characteristics was quite unusual Price wise wine a is fourteen dollars Wine b is seventeen dollars and wine c Is eleven dollars my wine verdict for Today Wine a Not bad for fourteen dollars wine c True to the great variety y and b I don’t know what happened i felt like a New world wine maker probably started Working here and wine just became extra

Oaky for that reason So That’s all for you all today thanks for Watching don’t forget to leave a like Subscribe and leave your comments down Below what do you guys think of these Wines and i’ll see you guys in the next Video [Music] You

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