🍷 Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Lado Uzunashvili from GEORGIA *Kakheti* | WineyPeople

🍷 Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Lado Uzunashvili from GEORGIA *Kakheti* | WineyPeople

This is a story about the famous Georgian grape And how this local hero varietal has Carried lado The father and anzor the sun across the World As wine evangelists then all the way Back home to the mysterious caucuses This village is Called nukazani and wait for the twist In this tale One of australia’s oldest wine families Is drawn into this mysterious battle Asaporavi grown in the cradle of Viticulture Is transported all the way to the Mclaren vale And grown by the first family to grow Vines in australia All will be revealed but all we can say Is that this is one battle that georgia Cannot lose As old as wine is competition and our Competition is head to head Kinda like fight club [Applause] Battle of the wines 100 wine experts put their reputations On the line What they should they tell you what to Drink we celebrate all the amazing Winemakers they select to battle And the all-important judges come from The competing nations

So what do all these wine loving people Have in common Including the wine loving celebrities Who will soon join this global game Well like you they are whiny people so Let’s meet some of them If you want to know about saporavi lado Who can i just say has one Awesome voice is the authority saphiravi Delivers all four major constituents for Great wines First is it accumulates quite a high Level of sugar it has Quite a strong acidity it develops very Big and complex tonic structure And it delivers absolutely amazing Beautiful aroma composition So all these four components needed for Great wines is that But enough with the wine nerding let’s Get to know lado and anzor The father of the booming georgian Accent and the sun with the strangely Aussie drone and all is explained as Laddo Raised his family in australia whilst Evangelizing about saporavi of course Well i would say i’m yesterday He’s tomorrow So where does anzo feel at home it’s a Second home for me of course australia i Grew up there i love the place it’s Almost like i can feel Pride in two different places so who’s

The opponent for the mukado 2012 Heritage sapporo Well here’s a curly one a wine that lado Himself helped make whilst he was Introducing the varietal to australia I’m mary hamilton I’m the ceo of hugh hamilton wines Here in the beautiful mclaren vale we’re A Generational wine family in fact my Great Great great grandfather planted the First grapevines In south australia mclaren vale has got Everything you want when it comes to Growing grapes It’s flanked by the hills behind us And the sea on the other side it’s just The perfect geography for grape growing And our motif is the black sheep and That’s because we’ve got a history in Our family Of having some characters who like to do Things differently Mary’s evocative packaging draws on Those cheeky black sheep and georgian Folk motifs This is not the glitzy wrapping often Hiding an inferior wine Rather the design almost seems to seep Into the authenticity of this Aussie-made zaparavi Crafted in collaboration between hugh Hamilton wines

And a very proud georgian so lado can’t Lose he had a hand in both Wines father and son sharing a vino 195 years of family wine making Tradition Now stretching across the wine world and We want to let you in on a little secret Competition and benchmarking are Important To suggest that it’s not is to avoid the Aspirations of the human condition to Make things Better from one generation to the next Weather georgia versus australia Saparavi The friendly weapon of choice the Judging in tibilisi and sydney Who will get to wave their flag Bring it on [Applause] This is the best wine competition in the World Battle of the wines subscribe to the Battle of the wines youtube channel Follow us on instagram and like our Facebook page And sign up for our email blasts at Battleofthewines.com

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