🍷 Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Jasper Wickens from SOUTH AFRICA *Grape Mutation* | WineyPeople

🍷 Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Jasper Wickens from SOUTH AFRICA *Grape Mutation* | WineyPeople

Hipster cool tunes a braai That south african for a barbecue a Secret cachet Of remutated vines add in pool parties And all guarded by an old bastard with a Gun Yikes stand by to dispel a few myths About the newness of new worldwide Some of them are in fact very old and That millennials have actually Got this also that nothing stands still In wine world this edition of whiny People distills the modern south Africa into a bottle and in the battle Is the rue-eye-growing 2018 swat land Semi-angry And this unique wine takes on paul an American in Argentina and these two wives travel all The way to be sold and sipped In nagoya japan and hipster hackney in London Don’t you just love wine As old as wine is competition and our Competition is head to head Kinda like fight club [Applause] Battle of the wines 100 wine experts put their reputations On the line What they should they tell you what to Drink we celebrate all the amazing Winemakers they select to battle And the all-important judges come from

The competing nations So what do all these wine loving people Have in common Including the wine loving celebrities Who will soon join this global game Well like you they are whiny people so Let’s meet some of them Swatland is dramatic dry and unforgiving Country Just over an hour away from the lush and Privileged finds of constantia And the well-heeled suburbs of cape town Swatland Is austere with a capital a Jasper wickens was part of the swartland Wine revolution Assistant a.d barton horse that the Groundbreaking sesator’s brand And jasper as most talented winemakers Eventually do Decided to set up his own shop jc Wickens And this is where the man with the gun Comes in He’s actually a super sweetie and Jasper’s father-in-law barry Who owned a wine farm so when jasper Married francisca And no it was not a shotgun marriage my Cheeky little wine people A little one came along in a timely Fashion This beautiful wine farm was transformed For the next generation of success

Anyway perhaps it’s time to let jasper Do some explaining before i get myself Into trouble My name is jessica wickens i’m a Winemaker in the swat land So we’re about an hour north of cape Town i have helping for me on the farm Amazing canadian girl megan nels south African guy Adrienne fansell we’re putting into the Competition the semyon grey It is a skin contact a wine made from Simeon grigray which is a mutation of Normal signal So over at bride beside the pool the Magic continues Once these mutated semyon greek vines Were removed To make way for shenan blanc across South africa [Music] But barry held on to his little parcel i Mean who would argue with him And along came jasper a student to a Winemaking master Ancient concepts made new like skin Contact And they started to propagate and Protect the mutants So who does jasper battle paul an American flying winemaker who migrates South annually to argentina Bringing some new ideas to the Traditional toronto paul’s el

Ultro lado toronto’s uses the skins that Others don’t This handmade or is that foot made wine Is a hit in the hip Bars of london paul’s nominator is sarah From silver lining in hackney They can’t get enough of the stuff our Customers absolutely love paul’s wine We’re constantly sold out And paul is a flying winemaker who does Whatever he can Solo then takes off to migrate north to Catalunya To do it all again and jasper’s wine has Its own farflung supporters The loyal crew and african brothers in Nagoya japan Just adore the semi-angry sending this Message of support South africa versus argentina yep the Place the grapes are grown Determines the nations in battle skin Contact Young guns of global wine this is Battle of the wines [Music] This is the best wine competition in the World Battle of the wines subscribe to the Battle of the wines youtube channel Follow us on instagram and like our Facebook page And sign up for our email blasts at Battleofthewines.com

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