🍷❤️ Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Raymond Paccot from SWITZERLAND *OBSESSED* | WineyPeople

🍷❤️ Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Raymond Paccot from SWITZERLAND *OBSESSED* | WineyPeople

Hello my whiny people you may well have Heard of blending wine of course But what do you know about complantation Raymond V elaine and laura paco will hopefully Explain this this leading swiss wine Making family are based in the Picturesque feshee Close to the shore of lake geneva and in The stunning vault region Their cusil 2017 is a field blend With some outstanding supporters and When you go into battle Everyone needs a supporters As old as wine is competition and our Competition is head to head Kinda like fight club [Applause] Battle of the wines 100 wine experts put their reputations On the line What they should they tell you what to Drink we celebrate all the amazing Winemakers they select to battle And the all-important judges come from The competing nations So what do all these wine loving people Have in common Including the wine loving celebrities Who will soon join this global game Well like you they are whiny people so Let’s meet some of them Now raymond has his wine on the list at The local restaurant well nothing

Special there you might think Until you find out that this Establishment has three michelin stars And has held these for 18 consecutive Years and is considered by many foodies As the number one place to eat Well we’ll get to food in a moment after Some more whiny people background Raymond pacquiao and daughter laura at The winemakers at la colon The lacalone was one of switzerland’s First biodynamic producers And is now demeter certified the pakohs Produce Precise wines that represent individual Terroirs And one of these sites is the kazeel Which is also the name of the wine in Battle The terroir is marked by its limestone Soil where they plant several grape Varieties together Kirsi is the name of the wine this is The name of a single vineyard so in Fishy This is appalachian so it is really a Terroir wine We say complantation it’s a historical Way to do it because before the problem Of the 19th century of the philips era Many minions were done like that with Many different grapes all together and It gives more complexity Swiss local heroes chesla disease

Resistant doral Pinot gris and riesling are all grown in Complantation the wine is a field blend And the grapes are all picked together And made together As a single statement of the All-important site grapes that grow Together And a winemaking team that lunches Together i love the way the swiss do it Yes love it Ellen wallace is the cazeal nominator Now this is a woman who said sante a few Times Hi i’m ellen wallace i’m a wine writer From switzerland And i love swiss wines and i’m putting Into battle Courtsy a superb white wine from the Lake geneva region Put some in the glass here and see what We think of it It’s a beautiful color i love the color Of this wine So it’s a wine that’s got a really Rich but also very fresh and crisp nose I think this is the perfect wine of the Future chef frank giovanni from the Esteemed restaurant de hotel de ville de Crissiere Explains what he matches with the kazil Right now On the menu we have a wonderful dish Would be totally with this we have a

Pile of dorad oh yeah just roast okay With the Camo tin oh yeah salted yeah and It would be warm before okay yeah well The swiss are famous for drinking all Their own wine and not sharing It with the world so if you get a chance To book a table like restaurant the Hotel de ville de cuisiere And take a sip of the elegant kazil You’re going to be one very happy whiny Person But never fear the battle is going to Force a small swiss export for judging As raymond violane and nora go up Against tasmania And frank yes the fabulous frank moylan Is taking one of the winners from the Australian series Into battle against switzerland and is Also a field blend Will the judges in geneva vote for the Tasmanian devil Impossible will the australians Appreciate complantation And a taste of chasla will i Ever get to eat chef frank giovanni’s Food ellen from switzerland versus frank From australia Bring it on field blend style subscribe To the battle of the wines youtube Channel Follow us on instagram and like our Facebook page

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