🍷❤️ Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Pablo Ponce from ARGENTINA *Wine Oenologist* | WineyPeople

🍷❤️ Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Pablo Ponce from ARGENTINA *Wine Oenologist* | WineyPeople

Is it just me or is cabinet frank just About the hottest thing in the wonderful Wine world right now In this edition of whiny people we meet A unique and quirky argentinian Influencer Who’s putting a 100 point robert parker Cabernet franc Into the battle the wine in question is Crafted in mendoza At the stunning bodega aliana under Master winemaker alejandro vigil The opponent well is the first one he’s Ever made could a rookie father and son Team from turkey Possibly have a chance well perhaps this Might be closer than you think According to their nominator a leading London sommelier However let’s be 100 clear the focus of This whiny people Is pablo ponce let’s take you into his Magical wine world As old as wine is competition and our Competition Is head to head kinda like fight club Battle of the wines 100 wine experts put their reputations On the line We celebrate all the amazing winemakers They select to battle So what do all these wine loving people Have in common Well like you they are whiny people so

Let’s meet some of them Let’s travel to the wine capital of Argentina mendoza province Now i could be wrong is there something Of a young salvador dali about Our pablo pablo lives in this unique Design heritage home in the lujan de Cujo With his elegant architect wife Florencia andre bossard Surrounded by his own art and is a Devoted father to This bundle of cuteness marie ponce Andre Pablo channels a sense of the absurd and Abundant creativity into images that Tell you everything you need to know In an instant yes with a dash of surreal For all you old wine writers tapping Away out there don’t worry great wine Writing will remain crucial But powerful imagery digital skills and Video is a 360 degree way of the future Well we would say that at battle of the Wise now wouldn’t we So which wine has pablo selected as the Nominator And boom is the grand in amigo 2013 Cabernet franc Bodega aliana from alejandro virgil Robert parker’s team gave it 100 points An important point about the battle now Pablo speaks great english but prefers His native spanish

And we want our nominators to be able to Express themselves just the way they Want Language should not determine who Battles so take it away pablo and people Read the translations as you need Carne franc Mendoza Sorry A component right so who’s brave enough To battle pablo Turkish born in london-based sommelier Isabel Issa and his business partner johnny Lake run a very smart burmancy Restaurant trivet Isa loved the 2010 cabernet franc from The new force in international wine Making Chateau calpac the owner winemaker and Master of the tiniest detail is bulant Kalpak leolu And his youthful marketing director Influencer and son Burke boulentenberg work from this Majestic double maritime position On the gallipoli peninsula and booland Is chasing one style Bordeaux so turkey vs argentina Rising stars meet argentinian master and A 100 pointer Does the wily isabel know something we Don’t or will team pablo win the day Istanbul and bunaseries will decide now

This Is how wines should compete on the grand International stage on which it’s made You know what i say to that bring it on This is the best wine competition in the World Battle of the wines subscribe to the Battle of the wines youtube channel Follow us on instagram and like our Facebook page And sign up for our email blasts at Battleofthewines.com

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