🍷❤️ Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet David Delea from SWITZERLAND *Merlot* | WineyPeople

🍷❤️ Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet David Delea from SWITZERLAND *Merlot* | WineyPeople

Merlot it just purrs doesn’t it Stay with us to see the epic use of Cavernous concrete A roaring open fire just perfect to sit Next to With a swiss merlot yes swiss We’re going to take a very surprising Subtropical enclave of the nation Better known for cool climates and crisp Whites than sexy luxe red And we’ll meet an entrepreneurial family Business where the good life Is part of the corporate mission and Succession plan And the opponent is also very surprising Tasmania And the winemaker recently retired Legend swiss pete althouse Who passed business to a maverick art Impresario Fixated on sex and death So switzerland cannot lose and the melo Will be celebrated No longer stigmatized by that sideways Moment Merlot is simply magnificent As old as wine is competition and our Competition Is head to head kinda like fight club Battle of the wines 100 wine experts put their reputations On the line What they should they tell you what to Drink we celebrate all the amazing

Winemakers they select to battle And the all-important judges come from The competing nations So what do all these wine loving people Have in common Including the wine loving celebrities Who will soon join this global game Well like you they are whiny people so Let’s meet some of them Lake missouri is where you want to be When the sun shines and all these Swaying palm trees Makes you wonder am i really in Switzerland Lazone is the municipality in the Picturesque province of ticino The language and style is very italian And this is where we find david and Angelo delia And the corato reserva 2012 melo [Music] We are in our family business yeah that Is a wine museum we build it up Because it’s our wine cathedral that is Really important for us to show on the People How we love our job angelo is quite the Dude Racing vintage cars living at large and In less pc times The very distinct heir of a playboy and Also very proud of his grappa But back to the name of this game which Is of course

Wine denominator is zurich based guri Chandra occurred and you discover it the Longer the taste More it comes out and it has almost an Etheric note you know it’s like it’s Airy It’s wonderful actually i would become This wine it takes time till it opens up But it’s a wonderful surprise From ticino i just love the way chandra Talks about wine And where the merlot is grown is Spectacularly swiss With places to stay amongst the vines And sunny spot to decant the 2012. And this is a good time for a stylish Product placement from our swiss water Partner The very posh sembancher the opponent Is epic the overall winner of the sexy Reds category in the pioneering Australian series battle of the vines The winning wine the domain a 2011 Merlot from coal river Tasmania the winemaker now retired is Swiss born legend Peter old house old house is revered in Wine circles as Otherworldly the new owner of the old House legacy and significantly the Seller Is david walsh creator of mona best Visited rather than subject to one line Simplifications

Both wines are aged no precocious punks Here Surprising tacino and tasmania swiss Maker versus swiss maker Merlot on below dare i say it Bring it on [Music] This is the best wine competition in the World Battle of the wives subscribe to the Battle of the wines youtube channel Follow us on instagram and like our Facebook page And sign up for our email blasts at Battleofthewines.com

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