🍷❤️ Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Candaş Misir from TURKEY *Football Player* | WineyPeople

🍷❤️ Who are the BEST WINEMAKERS? Meet Candaş Misir from TURKEY *Football Player* | WineyPeople

Looming over the dusty town of kalicek Near the capital city of turkey ankara Is a giant statue of mustafa kamal Ataturk Ataturk meaning father of all turks the Heroic secularist Anyway this is the big guy who gave the Turks their right back to drink And also single-handedly revive one of The world’s most ancient wine cultures So there’ll be a little history and History in the making Contemporary art wine dogs and a whiny Person frolicking on a beach And another who has some glamorous Drinking boots Hang on all will be explained and the Constant Is outstanding sparkling wine yep the Bubbles Are in battle as old as wine is Competition And our competition is head to head Kinda like fight club Battle of the wines 100 wine experts put their reputations On the line What they should they tell you what to Drink we celebrate all the amazing Winemakers they select to battle And the all-important judges come from The competing nations So what do all these wine loving people Have in common

Including the wine loving celebrities Who will soon join this global game Well like you they are whiny people so Let’s meet some of them Well it seems highly appropriate that Under ataturk stern gays John dash nazir is making wine and not Just any wine The first ever turkish sparkling in the Method traditional The style used to make top quality Champagne and other Outstanding sparkling wines from around The world With secondary fermentation in the Bottle the complexity of the bubbles or That universally adored effervescence is More pronounced And now turkey has its own sparkling and Made their own colour check kerasi Grapes A blank de noir or white from black your Satin sparkling is produced entirely From black grapes when not making great Wine john das loves and plays Nfl football go figure his quarterback To his wide receiver in this winery Is the man who oversees the vines and The many wine dogs of this estate Jakub koseigli and the vince paris Ellidor looks more like elon musk’s man Cave than a traditional old Fashioned cellar door yaku particularly Loves the relaxation pod

My name is jan daschmasser we are in Winkara winery we are in collegiate and We are tasting the beautiful Yoshison 2016 vintage okay name of the Grape is kalecice So name of the town is kaligic and is The black grape of collegiate town His name is jakub quesolo he knows about Grape so without good grape it’s not Possible to Make good wine so he’s taking care of The vineyards he’s bringing us good Grapes and we are working them into Marvelous wines so wine is about Teamwork pushing the boundaries Trying new things jaundice brings energy And enthusiasm to his craft Yaku the intangible integrity did you Know he would do Anything to guard his quarterback So who’s the opponent well there are no Easy battles in this game are there You could say the super bowl of wine Dr winnie bauman cwm that’s cape wine Master of camp space south africa Has pulled out the biggest name south African sparkling None other than peter bubbles ferreira Winnie is the nominator and now this is A wine expert that loves Life the good life and if you look in The dictionary under whiny people There’s a filter ah to the strains of From here to eternity

Signing off from camps bay take it away Winnie your big moment is to come She also has another two outstanding Wise in the battle along with her cap Classy The vin curry nominator is bertrand de Sombra an istanbul wine educator Communicator and owner of special Sparkly drinking boobs Hmm this will definitely need some Further investigation at some later Dates don’t you think Turkey vs south africa love it South african judging already completed Now some final thoughts John das and yaki are making some Serious whines Now if they even get a single vote in Sparkling they should be very proud And proud the great ataturk would be Because under his party’s watch He gave back the turks their rights to Party something they’re fighting for Again Now the fact that architect died of Cirrhosis of the liver should also be a Cautionary tale Wise words from a man in cape town with Great wine Comes great responsibility tata for now This is the best wine competition in the World Battle of the wines subscribe to the Battle of the wines youtube channel

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