🇹🇷🇦🇺How good is Turkish wine? Turkey v Australia!! | [B6] | Battle of the Wines

🇹🇷🇦🇺How good is Turkish wine? Turkey v Australia!! | [B6] | Battle of the Wines

This battle sees the return of one of The biggest names in battle of the wine Short but spectacular history frank the Fabulous frank moylan Carrying one of his winning wines from The australian series forward into the International competition Stay tuned to see his return will it be A triumph or a fizzer Frank’s learned opponent turgoot is Bringing a very little known varietal From an ancient wine growing region to The battle So ancient they’re thinking of Challenging the georgians on just who Made wine first Hmm fascinating to watch that space Stand by to meet one of turkey’s Foremost wine experts It’s turkey versus australia tagoot vs Frank Let’s battle as old as Wine is competition and our competition Is head to head Kinda like fight club Battle of the wines Battle of the wines is a unique global Wine competition where the experts Who tell you what to drink showcase Their favorite wines And they battle which wine will win Watch until the end to find out Subscribe To our youtube channel to follow and

Click the battle bell for notifications This is a global competition battle of The wines Let’s meet the nominators this battle Sees the return of one of the biggest Names in the battle of the wines sure Yeah yeah yeah we’ve heard it all Already Frank’s not that big a knife hi i’m Frank mullen i’m here at the royal George hotel which incorporates Cabinet and botanic wine bar we sell Furniture A lot of the furniture is designed by my Wife melissa mcfarland Including the bnc table look it up You’ll Love it now frank along with his very Creative partner melissa Have quite a stunning interiors food and Drink space at the royal george hotel In kainton and kyneton is a medium-sized Town An hour from melbourne now frank’s Opponent is from somewhere a little more Exotic than kington How about the one and only istanbul the Capital of three Universal empires and starting to Reawaken to its own Rich wine heritage if anyone knows Turkish wine is togut tokars Wset certified educator and president Of the turkish society of wine experts

And educators Okay my name is turtokos i’m very Excited to present turkish wine of Course Turkey is a cradle of the wine world Lots of lovely wines from indigenous Varieties lots of International varieties being produced Here they’re lovely wines Okay so kiten versus istanbul well now That’s a first What wine is frank nominating so today I’m presenting a semi on savion blanc From ballen dean estate In the granite belt of queensland in Australia we don’t see queensland really As a wine producing state but it turns Out There’s a lot of stuff up there the Winemaker is dylan rymer He’s a mountain bike rider and a pretty Good wine maker so he’s made a Zesty crispy little white here it’s An interesting wine for australia nobody Really thinks of queensland as a wine Growing state It’s very hot subtropical generally But the granite belt is a tiny little Micro climate Gets so cold in winter it can snow there Rich granite soils that produce Really crisp and fresh wines mojave Tiger I hear you’ve got a very interesting

Line to go up against this semi on Savion blanc Let’s go into battle hi frank So i have a really interesting wine to Compete against yours This is a sauvignon greek backed by a Little bit of pinot gris It’s from arcadia odisha agree it’s a 2018 It’s one of its kind not much some young Greed being Produced in turkey so it’s a very Interesting wine Nice work tour goat later we will dig a Little deeper with the winemaker’s Dinette And her stunning setting to whine and Dine in northern thrace So here’s the battle card the odyssey Agree 2018 arcadia vineyards sauvignon gree And pinot gris versus ballendina state Ssb 2019 Semiyar and sauvignon blanc the Winemaker Dylan reimer made in the sometimes Chilly granite belt in queensland The audressier made by zainab arca in One of the cradles of viticulture Northern thrace the nominators turgot And the fabulous frank the category Sauvignon and semyon the judges to come With six votes from each First from istanbul in part one and then

Sydney for part two The finale so to istanbul And we literally take it to the streets And after months of planning Applications We received permission to judge wine in Some of istanbul’s most popular Locations Like istakal the famous pedestrian Street weaving up To taksim square did we really get the Permission Not sure so here they are the six Turkish judges a mixture of Experts and the fabulous everyday like Pr maven aso Ah i get it absolutely fabulous My name is aishun koyunjolu i own a pr Company And i also have an event firm i’m a Public relations and communications Expert Aso looks like she loves a night out What a City dazzling hi hello this is yola Chesjan I’m working in allianz the insurance Company and I love wine my name is semi arcian Murgan I’m working in the hotel the i’m front Office manager My name is erdogan and i’m a mechanical Engineer i have a company in

Bayo in here so we make interactive Machines for organizations Or for events okay my name is buck dusom I am a bind consultant in turkey Istanbul oh And birchak is a cat lover and has her Own sparkly drinking boots I want to go out on the town with Birchak my name is Ergun gundus i am an artist i feel fine Art school But also i’m making cartoon illustration Watercolor painting oil color animations Comics all of them so here are the six Turkish judges Now first what do they think of frank’s Wine all the way from queensland Very nice acidity medium plus a cd team A lot of citrus fruits Some white flowers a simple wine but But a nice one i think This one is much more aromatic correct Daiso ssb Is defined as an aromatic white i like This one It’s soft not so hard and then drinkable So i like it drinkable now that’s Getting to the point sammy and this one Is really smooth and it’s very tasty and But it’s a little sore you know achy in Turkish The taste is actually but it’s good we Did some research on that term Esky means sour

Little bit ordinary i can feel a little Bit of malolactic Feeling like a breath not very strong But Ok it’s good on nose clearly some Support for the snappy ssb And what will they make of the thracian Sauvignon grey from turgoot Okay i don’t get any oak aging in the Palette in fact very nice acidity team But very much on the peachy strong Fruity side This one it’s very sweet Very sweet and light So that one little pale This one is stronger after the taste i Can feel the strong in my mouth but Then it’s getting lighter the taste and I feel the grapes And this one was fantastic for me that’s Why tasting Still feeling more fruit and something Like that you know it’s Not very complex and a bit of alcohol Comes to the nose high acidity again Aubry barrels And a little bit tannic i guess i i Cannot figure out where it comes from Well yolaj it’s turkey but can’t tell You that yet The stemware for this battle reedl and Thanked riddle turkey And say it kara guzuglu and we have an Official water partner in turkey

Da turkey’s premium table water and what Stunning packaging Those distinctive blue bottles wow Here we go six vital votes to come i Have no idea which way this group will Vote Let me say she seems unpredictable a bit Like patsy I choose this one she goes for frank Australia away The sombra now what i want Okay with time i’m going with more Complexity Longer in mouths disarmer ties it up for Turkey One all four so My favorite this one sammy on the Streets Votes for australia they lead I think this one is better for me [Music] Ergan supports the home team we are tied To all your lunch Um this is the one that i choose because It’s more live it’s longer on taste And it takes me a trek to somewhere else The final turkish vote Will they tie it up or will australia Take the handy lead I think this one pirate speaks they do Australia leads four votes to two frank And balandine and it will all come down To part two After the short half-time break and

We’ll travel to sydney Where we doubt very few have tried a Thracian sauvignon greed before And they try a lot of ssb so the exotic May enchance them So before the halftime break were the Turkish judges able to guess where Frank’s australian wines comes from They certainly liked it italy france I’m thinking from the turkey uzbekistan It’s france i think from denis Turkey turkey Spain fascinating guesses but the scores Are what matters Turkey trails two votes to four at Halftime let’s expand your universe and Learn from our owner and winemaker of Arcadia vineyards zynep about her region It’s long history they have revived and What food matches sauvignon gree With this steroid wine we try to offer The food that comes from this steroid The food that comes from our own Grows and the surrounding villages from You know sustainably maintained gardens And free-range animals so These are things that people don’t have Access to anymore we have this hotel and This very nice restaurant Very where we try to pair the seasonal Food with real ingredients from this Terroir With the wines made from this terroir With this

I think it would go very well with our Salmon terrine or mousse That that would be a great pairing as Well as We have this particular homemade pasta That we Season with local truffles we have a lot Of tuberous stevia The summer truffles in this region so i Think i would pair this with the truffle Pasta with the grease in the sand with The Nice acidity i think it will pair very Well with that creamy truffle pasta So here we’re in trace but trace is a Very particular region That extends throughout three different Countries western trace which is greece There’s northern trace which is bulgaria And there’s the eastern trace which is Turkey so we’re in the east most part of That eastern trace Which is also different than the other Parts of trace in turkey we’re in a Continental climate here Well since we came here we’ve learned a Lot and we grew very attached to this Land obviously My dream since a while is to be able to Create a wine route That connects all these three different Parts of trace together and have an International tracy in wine road I think that would be amazing now that’s

The spirit whiny people Let us at it and we can deliver Friendship and fraternity Could you ever imagine beer drinkers Delivering world peace Okay enough wine diplomacy back to the Fierce competition The judgement of sydney part two To recap our nominators are turgud Tokart a wine educator Studying himself to become an mw so it’s One of its kind not many samyang greens Around the world either it’s really nice Lots of stone fruit Lots of fresh acidity going on here and Battling turgot is frank moylan A hospitality legend musician and part Of a very creative coupling with his Wife Melissa dylan rama has created a really Sharp little snappy wine this has got Great Tropical fruit characteristics it’s Zesty it’s Vibrant jumps out of the glass gives you A bit of a slap in the face And i’d be really happy to be drinking It in the sun With some prawns fish you could drink This wine all afternoon Responsibly of course the crunch down Version of the battle card A turkish rarity the audriziere greed 2018 from arcadia vineyards

Sovereign yongri and pinot gris from Zainab versus the queensland The ballen dean estate ssb 2019 From the mountain bike riding dylan Reimer It’s a shame both of these awesome wine Makers can’t win But that’s not how competition works now Is it hey but any wine that’s selected To be in the battle is Already a winner the stemware for this Battle reedl And the varietal specific veritas range Elegant glasses To showcase two very exciting wines at Their best The city of sydney is the setting and One of our judges is even a counsellor And she loves a white wine well my name Is christine forster I’m a counselor on the city of sydney i Think i probably have a close Relationship with wine it is a big part Of my life and my wife virginia we enjoy Drinking lots of good wine and the rest Of the sydney crew Of course one is a surfer my name is ned Goodwin i’m a master of wine Former sommelier hi my name’s gabriella And i’m the Content creator behind the wine about on Instagram Hi i’m matt dunn i’m a cinnelier group One ambassador

One judge and communicator hi everyone My name is luella matthews and i’m head Somalia of the beautiful bibo wine bar In double bay hi my name is adam hunter And we’re in sydney behind the sydney Opera house And i’m also a reoccurring character on The tv show neighbors I thought i recognized this guy from Neighbours Passionate wine lovers they all are and What Settings to judge in first up what do You think of target’s sauvignon green Say more stewed fruit nose riper pear Character Faked apple definitely softer on the Acidity a little bit rounder Not as dry but a nice delicious white Wine this one’s a fair bit more aromatic In style I don’t think i’ve had this great Variety before because i can’t quite Pinpoint it maybe it’s serving on blank But it doesn’t have the herbaceousness To be savvy on blog I do like the honey in this one a little Bit more Although that is also obviously a very Good wine It’s not my style of wine The nose is is quite uh it’s difficult Much much darker color that’s for sure This one’s got more concentration

It’s got a real viscous almost unctuous Slippery texture to it Aged a little bit too long or it’s been Oxidatively handled i’m getting a lot of Bruised apple which is fine but I’m not really getting much freshness to Kind of counter that so it’s really Dominating the wine And what about closer to whole but still Quite exotic Many australians still don’t know that Queensland has a wine region Finish is quite delicate but quite Medium to long Getting a bit of grapefruit lime zest And i see quite herbaceous quite herbal Not that fruity Definitely no oak sounds a little bit More herbaceous I feel like it’s a variety i don’t have Too often Not as aromatic it’s a little bit less Muted It’s kind of got some honey in it from What i can tell I would happily drink that every day of The week apple pear Sort of bitter pistachio almond sense But but restrained stuff here A pretty innocuous wine but there’s Nothing wrong with it i would happily Drink that It’s a little bit fresher it’s more kind Of tropical fruit note palette’s a

Little bit softer But it’s just more imbalanced like it Definitely is a little bit more fruit Forward but It’s imbalanced with the acidity in Balance with the alcohol Yeah that’s that’s quite polarizing i’m Not i’m really not quite sure Um there’s a tiny bit of fun to it but i I like it you know It’s it’s it’s kind of nice nice can be Good adam Now to the all-important foes six to Come remember Australia leads 4-2 but in this game Things can change Very quickly ned a surfing master of Wine up first And i’m i’m liking that complexity that Length It’s really strident through the mouth And it’s got a very long finish Zainib should be very proud to earn that Vote now one of australia’s top Sommeliers Matt out of these two wines my pick is This one here Another expert vote for turkey we’re Tied up for all Could the australians all vote for Turkey surely Not so australia back on track Thanks to luella okay christine takes The time

And australia leads narrowly I’m gonna go for bus you rebel christine Like your kids you may love them both But in this game You have to pick okay That’s my winner again and australia Leads How unlucky turkey clearly a close call Four to six the next vote is huge It’s it’s nice on the palette look if i Had to choose one and i’m not saying i I’m really crash hot on either of them i Would choose that Oh adam that has decided it gabriella Do i prefer maybe i prefer this one just Because it’s a little bit more clean and Freeze Eight four it’s over australia The local flags are fluttering a win to The fabulous frank and ballendina state Who would have thought go carton go to The granite belt In your thrace istanbul thank you very Much We’ve been so happy to be a part of this Project and thank you turgot for Including us And frank i would very much like to meet You face to face Please come over and we can have a Tasting of the flight of arcadia I’m sorry zanet that was really nasty of Me i’d love to take you up on a drink We could have one in thrace because i’ve

Got a house in plovdiv in bulgaria Which is in thrace three countries one Region I love it now that’s the spirit of Battle of the wines we are all in this Wine world together So the winning wine marches on to meet Another winner in their category Okay let’s have a little bit more fun Before we go could the aussies pick what The sauvignon green was let alone where It came from I think this one is a shenan blanc great Variety uh Could be new or old world so i think Either the loire valley in france Or south africa i think it’s like maybe A tarantes from argentina So i’m gonna then go for australia maybe Something from there From like chili or argentina maybe like A spicy Unusual variety maybe spanish actually If it’s Tastes like it’s been in a little bit of Old oak was it was something Like gree i think it’s from the old World Oh wow turkey okay okay okay so it’s a Blend of sauvignon Green and pinot gris so there we go Turkey you’re kidding me wow From turkey okay i was never going to Get that

From turkey haven’t tried many sauvignon Greens especially from turkey It’s got lovely laser fruit and it’s Quite complex there’s fresh mineral Zest to the wine is it typical of the Regional style I’m not really sure but i definitely Have a few glasses of it it’s delicious So would i matt nice summary to take us Out Click through to more battles this is The best wine competition In the world can we actually say that Why not show me a better one every week We expand your wine universe with a new Battle And the best way to get on board is to Subscribe and ring that bell Triggering those important alerts for New content [Music]

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