🇭🇺🇦🇺Ever heard of a volcanic Hungarian wine region? Hungary v Australia |B4| Battle of the Wines

🇭🇺🇦🇺Ever heard of a volcanic Hungarian wine region? Hungary v Australia |B4| Battle of the Wines

This battle does not come with a Language warning No need the name of this delicious white Wine which comes from a magical extinct Volcano makes perfect sense in hungarian But does have us childish english Speakers giggling I’m intrigued and this american psalm Was seduced by the same wine at first Taste and for this melbourne based song And entrepreneur His competing right is also something Very special And not necessarily a varietal you would Expect from australia we even have a Half-time show with the fabulous frank We love frank alder vs luke Hungary vs australia let’s battle As old as wine is competition and our Competition is head to head Kinda like fight club Battle of the wines Battle of the wines is a unique global Wine competition where the experts Who tell you what to drink showcase Their favorite wines And they battle which wine will win Watch until the end to find out Subscribe to our youtube channel to Follow And click the battle bell for Notifications This is a global competition a Celebration of all sorts of wine styles

Regions and a place for fun And fearless competition battle of the Wines Our first nominator is based in oakland California Alda yarrow is a wine blogger and the Publisher of the highly respected Venography hi my name is alder yara I’m a wine writer and wine critic based In oakland california I’ve been writing about wine Professionally since 2004 Starting on my award-winning wine blog Vinography.com I’m a judge and a wine writer for Various other magazines as well Alder’s opponent is a some turned wine Business entrepreneur from melbourne Australia I’m luke campbell i’m a similar from Vinified as well as working as a smelly Air for 10 years I’ve had 20 years in the industry as a Wine judge wine maker and i’ve been Traveling the world Dancing around the tables of some of the World’s best restaurants The best part of my job is we see Different styles of wine from All over the world well you’re going to Love it what other wine competition Takes you to oakland and melbourne During a global pandemic and before we Even meet their wines

Now older i’m intrigued what do you have For us I’m thrilled to nominate one of the World’s most unique and greatest wines The 2018 apache ufark from shamalo Hungary It’s grown in one place on the planet The tiny little hill of shamlow In southwestern hungary and there’s Nothing like it on the face of the earth The first time i smelled this grape it Was like a slap in the face i had never Smelled anything like it and the same Thing when i tasted it how do you beat One of the world’s most unique and Distinctive wines You can’t now this wine does indeed come From a very special place Chamloi an extinct volcano encrusted in Vineyards and charming hillside homes The soil is supposed to be magical and Eva Who runs the local wine shop is Self-described as a white Witch this is the soil that makes Chamomile wine actually The rocks are breaking up and they are Releasing minerals constantly and those Minerals go into the wine Wine makers tibor fazekas supported by His daughter Dora and intern kara it’s the best work I mean he’s the best boss ever because It’s always fun to work with him

And studying from him finally what does Ufarc Mean well it’s simple the great bunches Are shaped like lamb’s tales And that’s what the innocent meaning of You farc is in hungarian Now what does luke have to battle the Wine i’ve got for you Is alex collector marsaan a unique White rhone grape variety the collector Lamp lip Massage is a delicious wine this is aged It’s 2016 vintage and it’s from murren Bateman In the canberra district in new south Wales this Is a delicious specimen of a white wine Not your average white wine It ages like semion it can be waxy it Can be blended this is a single varietal White wine it’s gritty it’s grippy it’s Delicious it’s waxy It’s honeyed it is a wine worthy of the Battle My opponent i’ve just found out is Hungry well This wine is making me hungry and i want To see this wine With a bunch of fresh fried flathead Tails and some aioli Indeed luke nice now luke’s winemaker is Alex mackay A highly respected winemaker in Australia in fact

He was part of the original australian Series alex is a part of a dedicated Group who made the cool climbers of Canberra region Very hot right now if you get what i Mean So here is the battle card shomeloi Apatsagi Princa hufak 2018 The grapes shaped like a sheep’s tail Hugh fargh Versus collector lamplip marsanne 2016 100 mah san the winemaker Alex mackay alex makes it in the cool Climate of canberra region The ufark made by tibor fazekas in the Magical chamelois region In western transdenubia the nominators Alder and luke the category Great white indeed they are The judges to come with six votes from Each first From budapest in part one and then Sydney for the part two The finale so let’s begin and if you Blend Buddha and pest you get one of the great Cultural capitals of europe And epicenter of one of the world’s most Underestimated wine nations hungary Let’s meet for the first time the Hungarian judges Welcome to budapest welcome to hungary We are in

Budapest and my name is julius i’m a Professional elevator and i became a Somali Many many years ago hello my name is Attila I’m the waiter of the top room sky bar In the center of budapest it is a Rooftop bar with Nice quality of wines and foods my name Is monica I’m an interior designer this showroom Is the mueller monique interior design Shop hi my name is lily i’m really Passionate About the dramatic art being an actress Welcome this is my city my name is eric Sloten I am the ceo of a big it company here in Hungary In the beautiful hills of budaly gets so These are my babies This is my wine collection i’m very Proud of it I’m a total wine nerd my name is elliot Saboa i’m a journalist i write mainly About Food and wine and i am a wine expert i Am a writer also i have three books And one of them i wrote about women wine Makers So first what do they think of the Chamloi huffak It is very freshly very fruity Complex so it has a little bit higher

Sugar content Than an average dry white wine smells Like honey Absolutely it has a Both rightis effect feeling [Music] At first smell It’s really sweet i can smell Flower i would say in it elderflower by Older yarrow How’s that from lily it’s a bit Unexpected because it’s More sharp than i thought it’s gonna be Now to the budapest style queen monica Impressive taste turning a little bit Too sweet for me Self-appointed wine nerd eric Wow big nose Completely different nose very like Light minerally pear on the nose it is Even has a spice a herbiness to it it Has Almonds in there it has fruit in there It’s Just a something special eric Like the smell the taste is also sweet The acidity is very very nice okay Hungarians love the youth arc has eva Cast a spell on it it entranced older at His first sip Now what will they make of a road style Wine from canberra Not as round than the first one you can Smell

Rather the minerals more freshly more Crunchy Type of white wine than the first one And also it has less sugar content Because i like the dry vines Probably this will be the winner but i Will make One more test well looks like australia Might have a vote here with julius Lily what did you think of the antiquity In marsan it’s a little bit less sweet In taste nice eat it this is also Sweet a little bit and a little bit Bitter In at the end and doesn’t budapest just Sparkle I like the smell of this wine very much And This is not an easy understanding wine This one is more pleasant for me it’s a High percentage of alcohol i think It’s also very good wine but very Different So this has a lot of these kind of soft Fruits [Music] Clearly some love for luke’s marsan Now time for this judgment in budapest The first Six vital votes it’s pretty hard to make Decision because i think it’s different Kind of absolutely different style of Wines Usually i prefer the complexity if it is

Had a little bit very little bit Higher sugar content than than the Minimum of a dry wine That’s why i prefer the first one Attila thought it through hungary is the Way No surprise julius votes for australia One all Monika my decision is that one Australia leads again i bet luke’s Excited at home So in my opinion i would definitely go With This one i like the flowery taste in it It has a bit of a nice touch of a body So it’s not that light but still it has Flavor in itself to all And lily oh we agree what’s more Important in a wine than flavor Why nerd eric super hard I probably picked this one but this is Something else This is like a never tasted anything Like this before So i’m gonna give it to this guy wow Hungry lead 3-2 edit the final crucial hungarian Vote Edit goes for australia boom Wow three all fascinating clearly Two epic wines any judge who picks a Wine from their home country gets to Wave the flag And it will all come down to part two

And sydney Where we doubt anyone has ever tried a Hufarch before Sydney’s leading wine experts on board And even a geologist with a fascination For lava The judging is blind the stakes are high The battle poised on a night edge So as we leave you for a short half-time Break were the budapest judges able to Guess where luke’s australian wine comes From They certainly liked it french italy Germany France perhaps keep guessing lily From india it’s not a sauvignon blanc From margaret Close julius australia yes Nice australian Fascinating guesses but the scores are What matters Tied at three all it’s half time Let’s talk my sand so it’s half time and One of our favorite nominators frank Moylan Is going to balance up the wine Information with the grape guide on Marsanne Over to you frank thanks just you [ __ ] It must be a bit of a monster um I’ve never even heard of the name before It scares me just the name Let’s talk my sand my sand is a white Grape varietal

Most commonly associated with the Northern rhine in france it’s Often blended with rusan and vionye and It adds Texture and depth to white wine Personally I’ve had this great my sand from Collector this delicious white wine from Canberra Shows my sand and what i guess is it’s Australian style So it’s a single varietal in australia We don’t Tend to blend so this is masan in its Most pure form we get roasted nuts White peaches pears spices Flowers even a bit of honeydew melon Spicy fruit Salad delicious stuff it’s food friendly And pairs perfectly with all sorts of Seafood Flathead tails yes luke Flat head tails by the way Flathead is a local aussie fish and Shellfish Especially the richer ones like prawns And Lobster and by prawns i mean shrimp And it also works well with spicier Foods let’s you know be general here and Say Asian cuisines [Music] This 2016 is starting to show some

Really good bottle age But the great thing about my sand is it Can just keep Aging and aging and aging and as it does It Deepens in color and the complexity of Flavours Just keeps going and going and going If you love chardonnay maybe you could Start flirting with marsan You could even have an affair Snap out of it back to the battle nice Work frank but that’s Our job back to part two and the finale Budapest was the inspiring setting for a Battle that’s now all tied up Hungarian judges were split on their Local hero a you fart from the magical Chamlo region made by this small scale Crew Go tebor and crew and a classy masan From a tiny little town Called collector outside the australian Capital canberra Made by alex mackay time for the Decisive votes from sydney The finale The stemware for this battle ridle and The varietal specific Veritas range elegant glasses to Showcase Two very exciting wines at their best The city of sydney is the setting and One of her judges is even a counselor

And she loves a white wine well my Name’s christine forster I’m a counselor on the city of sydney i Think i probably have a close Relationship with wine it is a big part Of my life and my wife virginia we enjoy Drinking lots of good wine now let’s Meet the rest Of course one is a surfer from bondi Beach My name is ned goodwin i’m a master of Wine former sommelier Hi my name’s gabriella and i’m the Content creator behind the wine about On instagram i’m adam todd and i’m a Geologist One boys no beers for adam he’s all About the wine and the vine Hi everyone my name is luella matthews And i’m head somalia of the beautiful Bibo wine bar In double bay hi my name is adam hunter And we’re in sydney behind the sydney Opera house And i’m also a reoccurring character on The tv show neighbors I thought i recognized this guy from Neighbours passionate wine lovers they All are and what a setting to judge in And what are the chances we have two Atoms And no eve first up what do they think About Elders youfark this is a this is a tough

One because the It’s got the sweetness but the acidity Is there so But it definitely has a lot of residual Sugar that’s gross I’m sure adam can taste volcanic Oh yeah Freaky the palette Is verging on dry It’s palpably dry it ain’t A sweet wine even though the nose leads One to believe it is So that’s a tough slime it’s a nerdy one I rather like it Darker in color on the right so we’ll Try this one first This one um here smells quite ripe Fruited Okay i like that one i feel like there Could be some botrytis on there just Because you have those sweeter honeyed Nose coming through Oh that’s blown my thought out of the Water [Music] That’s a really unusual flavour And what about much closer to home but Still Quite exotic more sand from canberra This one’s very kind of lean fresh Mineral [Music] Adam deepen thought over to master of Wine ned

Also a master of the language of wine This is pretty straightforward There’s melolactic uh there’s oak when i Say malolactic there’s a Galactic buttery dairy sensation to this Wine Solid wine This this smells like a shablee nice Work adam marsan can be confused with an Oak chardonnay which is what chadley Indeed is Bit molina spicier okay let’s go for the Taste I’m not getting much out of the second Line here it’s a little bit more closed Uh i think whatever the grape is it’s More neutral In variety this one i’m not so keen on It doesn’t do a lot Doesn’t have much flavour and oomph For me i have no idea which way Christine will vote Now to the all-important votes Six to come remember we are tied at Three all adam one i would say That That would be my pick australia lead Three four adam two they’re both good I’m kind of feeling this is the volcanic One and i do love volcanic rocks And it’s a better flavor so i’m gonna go With this No surprise geologist adam loves the Volcanic

For all Christine this is a big vote i have Anointed my winner And it is definitely this one fifo Hungry take the lead luke really needs Your vote I think i prefer the aromas in this one It’s a little bit more aromatic maybe Even a touch of botrytis Um i have a bit of a sweet tooth so This is the winner for me hungry 6-4 Now to master of wine ned do the maths An Absolutely crucial vote if luke is to Stay in this Battle in terms of quality and i bet i’m An outlier here I will say That is my wine seven four it Is over sweet takes it Icing on the cake eight to four and Hungry Alder and the wine team from chamloi win And win big yes alex from canberra We tried your wine it’s a really nice One but chamlo And new fart got you this time ah You [ __ ] we’ve got to get that wine into Australia Luke has four more wines in the battle He’ll be back As a nominator that’s good luke’s a good Sport But look at his winemaking crew in

Hungary well don tibor and team The winning wine marches on in the great Whites category Alder believes they can win it all okay Let’s have a little more fun before we Go Could the aussies pick where hungarian Winner was from Let alone its unique name when we Translated is it french Maybe new zealand germany Germany romania Is it french who’s it hungary [Music] What yeah is it a dry style sorry Okay let’s get that all correct hungry Okay some of these guys had multiple Guesses and finally got there So we told ned it’s a hungarian you [ __ ] Who would have thunk it but hey It is botratized and it is palpably dry Palpably dry love your work ned Every week we expand your wine universe With a new battle And the best way to get on board is to Subscribe And ring the bell triggering those Important alerts for new content Click here for previous battles Egyshigedra That’s cheers in hungarian nice one I’m thirsty now [Music]

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