🇬🇪🇦🇺Have you tasted AMBER WINE….or ZIBIBBO? Georgia v Australia!! | [B2-P2] | Battle of the Wines

🇬🇪🇦🇺Have you tasted AMBER WINE....or ZIBIBBO? Georgia v Australia!! | [B2-P2] | Battle of the Wines

Would australians like and vote for an Aged amber wine from georgia fermented In giant earthenware vessels For many of them tasting it for the very First time well yes they did And some did not and what will georgians Make of a zippy australian wine Made by an american from an ancient Grape musket of alexandria Which is also known as zebibo stand by For the thrilling finale to find out As old as wine is competition and our Competition is head to head kinda like Fight club Battle of the wines the nominators are Australian wine writer katie spain Watch katie’s whiny people profile and See what she suggests As a delicious food match with zabibo Katie’s opponent is leading georgian Winemaker lado usnashavali His family have deep roots in the Mukuzani region and coincidentally have Also spent time in south australia And the mclaren bale lado has his own Whiny people profile and you get details On his inky black Saparavi that is also in another battle All the details on the two wines in this Matchup are on the battle card It’s the mukado 2012 traditional kaveri Mitzvahni dry amber Versus brash higgins zbo in shorthand And in full detail the zibibo from

Rikaterra farms The riverland 2018. lado Vs katie and after the sydney judging at The halfway point The score is three all part two So now to tubelessi capital city of Georgia Itself a cradle of wine culture and we Are about to meet the six local Judges who will decide the battle Georgia will need All the local support to bring this home The stemware As in sydney is real here they are Gonna my name is tambu karaviyashvili And my main profession Is wine tourism specialist my name is Ottar bakhtadza I’m working at radisson blueberry at Village as a head concierge My name is torning kem i’m a family of This cafe little ram Which is very famous place in policy i’m Anna I’m from georgia now i’m a lawyer i’m Shota de chamela srila i’m a journalist Executive editor of forbes georgia Now shota also spends his spare time as Protest leader Wine does attract the most interesting People So my name is nia she buys for her bar Suleko So nia is definitely an expert

What a fun looking group although batter Judges have high wine knowledge Some are professionals and others just Passionate amateurs And really there are no right or wrong Answers in this game just an opinion Which wine do you prefer first let’s see What these Gorgeous georgians think about their own Wine Quite balanced also quite surprising Wine because the Taste and the mouth surprises you with Its freshness I like those amber more dark wines Smells like honey i would say also dry Wine Quite dense i don’t know what what wine This is it’s not my favorite actually Emperor is my favorite Wine i think it’s one or something Like that amber and i’m quite sure Georgian She’s good even nails the varietal looks Likes to the juice Not the wine not sure odar is going to Vote george in here Like lucky sweet fruits aromas it’s the Georgie amber wine Has fermentation in crowy i guess it Okay not surprisingly they like the Local wine But what about the aussie zabibo from Katie

It’s very acidic and fresh with more Green fruits a little bit tennis as well That was surprising the aroma is very Rich and the Taste is good very well balanced i think They are Liking the zabibo both dry outside Not my favorite or maybe not Wine has very good smell it has some Citrus it’s not mine okay odar Is not a fan either not a skinsy kind of Guy Has a little bit more acidity visual Leveling classic style lines Based on these mixed comments this Battle is going to be Very close scores tied at three All now to the all-important votes I clearly prefer that one with its Structure and Notes in a nose that is quite good Balance I prefer this one oh i could Swear he was going to vote amber for All if i had to choose between those two I would choose Yeah this one yeah this is winner for me Anna takes australia into the lead four To five Georgia needs nia okay This is amber wine oh like no Surprise nia loves georgian amber wine 5-0 i really don’t like none of them But i think this will be

No matter if you love it or not oda Australia leads on your vote So wine winner is this one Which is georgina style amber wine which Has fantastic flowers Boom six all a tie and the crowded Silicon wine bar Go crazy [Applause] So what happens if there’s a six all tie A single tiebreaker vote A golden sip if you will an expert judge From a third party country My name is brock williams i’m from Helena montana And i’m a sommelier so what does brock Make of the mucado amber Complex i feel like the wine smells Exactly like it looks it’s got that Amber hue to it some spice Really awesome wine now there’s the bibo From katie The nose on this one is something that It’s hard to forget and hard to miss Acidity is great leaves you just wanting To go back and go back again Reminds me of like a slovenian musket Skinsy musket something along those Lines Oh he is good importantly brock seems to Be Into both of them six all Now most importantly the deciding vote The golden sip

Both wines are really really interesting Um And definitely bring something to the Table uh I think personally I’m gonna have to go with this one and It’s a win to brash higgins Well done brash again Who would have thought a little wine From the riverland would go so far Yeah here’s to you georgia thanks for Your inspiration and your lovely m4s That have kept Us drinking great wines for thousands of Years well commiserations to mercado So close stop fortune next time Congratulations to the winner absolutely Well done Phew what a battle As we leave you some comments from the Georgians could they guess where the Zibibo came from Maybe italy from northern part Spain maybe it’s a type of georgia wine I have not tried yet I don’t know italy could be french again Australia oh well done tourniquet Very impressive he’s good we are leading From Georgia respect these people Started this wine business and so what Better place to start expanding your Wine universe Through battle of the wines

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