🇬🇪🇦🇺Have you tasted AMBER WINE….or ZIBIBBO? Georgia v Australia!! | [B2-P1] | Battle of the Wines

🇬🇪🇦🇺Have you tasted AMBER WINE....or ZIBIBBO? Georgia v Australia!! | [B2-P1] | Battle of the Wines

Look at the color of this wine Unique wine was originally made in large Earthenware vessels Caveries or amphoras these georgians Started this over 8 000 vintages ago And while they also took up european Winemaking styles They are still masters of this style Today so could an American in australia using amphora Possibly challenge a master georgian Winemaker Well hang on you’re about to find out The judges come from Sydney and the georgian capital tbilisi And Let’s just say the results are very Surprising and Closer than you can imagine As old as wine is competition and our Competition is head to head Kinda like fight club Battle of the wines [Music] This is a unique format where the Experts who tell you what to drink Have a showcase for their favorite wines And They battle with 12 judges from both Competing nations Casting the vital votes blind This is a global competition where one Wine and nominator will ultimately Claim the cloud subscribe to our youtube

Channel to follow Every battle okay prepare to expand your Wine Universe battle of the wines The nominator for the australian wine is The dynamic storyteller And wine writer katie spain this pocket Rocket of prose and positivity Adores her job and she’s elected a Fascinating wine and winemaker From the excellent mclaren vale famous For outstanding food A maritime influenced vino and uh well Public nudity my name’s katie spain i am A storyteller Aka journalist i guess um and i mostly Write stories about wine for The advertiser newspaper in australia’s Wine business magazine The most progressive thing and i’m gonna Throw it out there that’s happened in This region in particular is we have The first nudist beach mazlin beach is Just down the road from here you can Actually walk there from here i think With a bottle of wine in hand and your Pink bits out when you get there it’s It’s amazing stunning scenery For more information on katie places to Eat Stay and to um sun your bum Go to her whiny people profile on our Youtube channel The opponent from georgia actually a

Father-son combo Lado and anzor lado of the booming voice And anzor a martial arts woods and Winemaker in training They spend time between the ancestral Home in the mukuzani sub-region of Kaketi And coincidentally south australia where They lived for a while My name is lado nashville i’m a Winemaker i make wines for mokoto wines Which is my own company we harvest our Grapes In the pdo mukuzani which is considered The Top quality grape region in georgia for More information on glado Check out his whiny people profile on Our youtube channel So katie what wine do you have for the Skin contact Battle so the one i’m bringing into the Battle Is a wine that seduced me sucked me in And has never spat me out since it is The brash higgins zabibo is a Very aromatic white variety in sicily They called it sabibo But traditionally it was musket of Alexandria Katie’s selection is made by brash Higgins a winery owned by nicole thorpe And brad hickey Brad a former ny somme is now happily

Making Innovative wine in the mclaren vale Now tolado we are entering mukado 2012 Traditional Query sunny which is made in the way we Made Wines for the last 8 000 years color is Based on the introduction mainly of Tannins and oxygen Latto’s wine is a 2012. it’s got some Age on it Georgians get very angry if you describe Amber wines as orange wines Not the same thing however like most Skin contact wines it’s an excellent Food wine Just the thing for a backyard family Feast Part 1 time to meet the all-important Judges Firstly the australians so what will the Wine glitterati of sydney make of amber Wine Many tasting it for the very first time Let’s meet the australian judges My name is ned goodwin i’m a master of Wine former sommelier Like so many others in the wine industry 2021 hey hi my name’s gabriella and i’m The Content creator behind the wine about on Instagram Hi i’m adam i work for riddle australia And we’re in sydney well my name’s

Christine forster I’m a counselor on the city of sydney i Think i probably have a Close relationship with wine it is a big Part of my life And my wife virginia we enjoy drinking Lots of Good wine hi i’m matt dunn i’m a Sommelier group one ambassador One judging communicator hi everyone my Name is luella matthews and i’m head Similar Of the beautiful bibo wine bar in double Bay and really there are no right or Wrong answers in this game Just an opinion which wine do you prefer Or not So here’s the battle card so from Ricardo 2012 traditional cavery mitsvani dry Amber From nicole and brad at brash higgins The zesty Zebibo 2018 zibibo also known as musket Of alexandria The amber wine is made from matzwani an Indigenous georgian varietal It’s crafted by lado una chavelli and Grown in the mukazani sub-region of Kekati American some turned winemaker brad Hickey Sources his grapes from the riverland Region of south australia and makes the

Wine in mclaren vale The nominators lado versus casey The category skin contact Six valuable votes from each country and Of course all judging is 100 Blind what will these australians make Of the unique mercado amber cavery Wine this is a this is like an orange Wine or an amber wine That’s powerful not sure if i like it But someone might Okay now remember some of these aussies Are trying amber For the first time like a cooked fruit Aroma to it like cooked red fruit I was expecting it to taste more like a Fortified wine just because of its Fruit profile this wine obviously darker Color That real orange but that caramel Character nougat Honey but it’s Actually not that sweet i just really Don’t know what’s going on with this guy Age maybe skin contact maybe maybe Fortified i don’t know but i don’t like It sorry Wow i think luella has made up her mind Clearly There’s an irritating wine that’s Clearly been Oxidatively handled to give it that Color damn It’s obviously spent a bit of time in

Barrel and either way it’s drying and It’s not particularly pleasant to drink Obviously you know you look at that Glass of wine and you think What am i drinking because of the color Of it I don’t think i’ve recently drunk Anything that is Anywhere close to that color good on you Christine we’ll have a judge with an Open mind And before they judge how they feel About the zippy zibibo A reminder both wines spend extensive Time in contact with her skins Let’s see what the aussies think of Zebibo Oh okay that’s natural for sure you can Tell by the cloudiness Yeah it’s it’s definitely a natural wine Just by smelling it i mean i don’t even Have to try it Maybe it’s one of those musket varieties One of the many she’s good Sabibo is also known as muscat from Alexandria Yeah getting lots of muscat characters Here they are good Musket again from matt it’s definitely On the funkier style a little bit of Skin contact it’s got ginger zest it’s Got freshness It’s got all the things i love it’s very Aromatic but like

Subdued aromatics oh thank goodness Luella is happy with this one at least This is what i call an exuberant wine Leaps out of the glass The lovely detail lovely aroma a very Complex wine This one looks like a normal glass of Wine i thought one thing when i Smelt that but when i tasted it I had no idea christine you do have an Idea it’s your opinion What you prefer the stemware for the Sydney judging is from riedel the wine Glass company the range varietal Specific veritas Stunning stemware now to the All-important votes It will be fascinating to see if any of The aussies select the amber So different um i think Today i feel this one more today George is away with the first vote from Gabriella I wonder what most He loves the muscat one all this Complexity beautiful aroma lovely chewy Finish not driven by acidity but Personality alone That is my win no surprise ned loves the Zabibo One two i was sure i was not gonna go For this because i just don’t like A lot to do with it but i’m definitely Off that altogether so

My pick is this To all he goes for latto’s aged Mitzvahni Oh counselor christine decision time Build drama i probably don’t know enough About any variety of grape to come Anywhere close on these two But in terms of how they taste That’s my winner and that’s 3-2 georgia This is the winner for me but no Surprise from luella It’s three all game tied after sydney Speak Lado and katie tied up some aussies Loved Amber wine but also plenty of flags for What will the georgians make of the Aussie amphora All to come in the finale from tbilisi Subscribe and ring the bell for Notifications as All the battles are released [Music]

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