πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Who first invented wine? Georgia v Australia!! | [B5] | Battle of the Wines

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Who first invented wine? Georgia v Australia!! | [B5] | Battle of the Wines

[Music] So what are these ancient cavalries And who is this break dancing young Georgian and can the wine his Championing An inky black zapparavi made in what’s Actually a giant clay pot Take down a former new york sommelier Now turned winemaker Who’s also turned to these ancient Vessels yes Our competition is global but we are Starting the battles in georgia and Featuring their ancient techniques it’s Called respect It’s saba vs brad georgia versus Australia The category skin contact As old as wine is competition and our Competition is head to head Kinda like fight club Battle of the wines This is a unique format where the Experts who tell you what to drink Have a showcase for their favorite wines And They battle with 12 judges from both Competing nations casting the vital Votes Blind this is a global competition Where one wine and nominator will Ultimately claim the clown Subscribe to our youtube channel to Follow every battle

Okay prepare to expand your wine Universe Battle of the wines sabah kitty’s fully Is a man about town in tibilisi When he’s not in the wine regions in his Role as brand ambassador Can be found partaken in his other Passion Freestyle breakdancing hello my name is Sabakit ashwili i was born in tbc Georgia it’s a Great pleasure to represent wine company Xiumin which was established in 1997. He’s a One of the biggest company in georgia And face of Quality georgian wine for more Information on sabha go to his whiny People profile on youtube and Insta saba’s opponent is brad hickey Brad co-owns brash higgins with nicole Thorpe Their vines and winemaking facility are In the mclaren Vail region i’m brad hickey from brash Against wine company i’m the winemaker And you’re in mclaren vale south Australia brash higgins wine company is The name of our business It’s my nickname here in australia these Are we call them amphora which is sort Of related to what they were called in Europe and they’re essentially 200 liter Clay pots

That were made for us by a local potter Here in adelaide now are you looking for A very cool place to stay when you visit The mclaren vale Brad will give you the insider tip when You go to whiny people profile So what are the wines the nominators Have chosen now i’m proud to Take into the battle query separary 2017 Which is made with the georgian Traditional style full pumice with a Skin contact because of this wine Always becomes very dark with the color And Full width body and tendons and Structure So saporavi an ancient jordan varietal And brad so this is our near davila Which is Probably far the wine that put brash Against on the map we hit the ground Running with this really quickly So nier davila is from sicily it’s from Originally from the town of avila it’s The main red wine grape of sicily so It’s native to this to the island Good acidity good fresh flavors and then Showing it in these amphoras there’s no Wood Which is also important so you’re just Getting a vineyard wine all of the sort Of All the aspects of the season show up Nice so

Here’s the battle card the shumi estate Ibariyuli kaveri saporavi 2017 from Kiketi Versus the brash higgins nero davola 2016 anfa project Made by brad hickey winemaker for shumi Is georgie goga Katyas villi the region koketi Brad grows and makes his nero in the Mclaren vale and he’s also the wise Nominator For shumi and the sappharavi it’s saba Of course The category skin contact the judges Will come with six votes from each From georgia first and the stunning Harbour city of sydney So first to dynamic tibilisi Youth infused capital of the caucasus Let’s meet our georgian judges My name is changmukarabiya and my main Profession Is wine tourism specialist my name is Otterbachtadza I’m working the radisson blue area at Villas as a head concierge My name is tornikem i’m a family of this Cafe little ram which is where we famous Place In policy i’m anna i’m from georgia Now i’m a lawyer i’m shota devmela Sriliv i’m a journalist executive editor Of forbes georgia My name is nia i own the place this is

Wine bar in policy downtown we Sell a local georgian wine mostly from Small cellars What a fun group what will these Gorgeous georgians make of brash higgins Nero davila and what do they think of Their local wine Sabbas saparavi would they recognize Their local hero [Music] Smells good um but also dance Texture i think not my favorite let’s go With the second one Not a good start it should be georgian I guess try with the Normal finish i think so now just Because nia thinks this one is georgian Does not mean she will vote for it The tasting is blind remember and she Has no idea the other one is from Australia well it could be italy or even Another georgian Tonic this one is the georgian grape Which is Uh saporavi i think exactly it’s only Case apparatus Is very good it’s a carcassing grape Which is uh Dry but not very full body this is Georgia wine it’s like Sapphira it’s in its finest i think it Comes from eastern georgia it’s from Kakatiya region Spot on shota not only the grape

Varietal but the precise region [Music] Right i think so just saying those Glasses are spectacular Light and with a lot of red fruits here But kind of going to the more matured Fruits So clearly support for the sapharavi now What do they think of the nero davola A sicilian varietal made in australia by An american Using a georgian originator technique Did you get all that okay smells good This gets some kind of herbal i think Taste or something some freshness Anna seems happier now Smell is like quite different from This one rightly a little confused near It’s not georgian grape which is dry Which is like medium buddy which has Fantastic flowers and it’s More harmonious than georgie nothing No it’s not george and tourniquet but You definitely seem to like it Oh this one is interesting pretty acidic I like the smell it has even a citrus Tones It’s very light wine shot is on board I like this one so is ota it’s obvious That it’s aged wine A little bit acidic but quite well Balanced with tennis Good structure a lot of red fruits Cherries or

Even a little bit strawberries coming Here well i have no idea which way Tamuka is about to vote But we are about to find out the Stemware in houston tbilisi is readal Thanks to anthony and shalva ketsuriani For allowing the wise to be presented So beautifully six vital votes on offer Sabha and shumi vs brand and brash Higgins okay So uh from these two i’ll go with this One Anna gets georgia off to a fast start Nia i think this one is the winner It’s georgian and i’m quite sure it’s Affirability Nia nails it 2-0 georgia Tony k the winner is this wine Because it has good flavors and tasties It’s More harmonious and more it’s better Than this one two to one a boat for the Harmonious australian This one it was kind of novel to me it’s Very light it’s very Fruity citrus tones to all Shota is a fan of brads i think For me we know it’s this one australia Takes the lead Two to three and surely tamuka will even It up I choose this one because i think it’s Pelleted quite well I like it how it smells no tomoko votes

For the nero davola Australia lead 2-4 georgia 2 and Australia 4. Only votes from anna and nia to support The sabaravi The crowd at the bar loves a flag wave And Anna is so patriotic she breaks out the National anthem Cool [Applause] Okay with respect we could not have the Whole anthem We have to get ready for part two the Finale And it will all come down to sydney and Whether they support brash higgins Or celebrate the sapharavi all to be Revealed in part two And a mix of passionate wine lovers from Sydney So as we leave you were these georgian Judges able to guess where the wines Came from I would say that one georgia Chile or argentina let me tell you I can tell you i don’t know it’s a Georgian Australian wow Still australian i don’t know Fascinating guesses but the scores are What matters australia leads 42 so it’s half time and one of our Favorite nominators

Lado una chavelli is going to balance up The wine information with the grape Guide on zaparavi my name is elador I’m a wine maker i own mukudo wines Georgia and i make wines for my own Company Saperaw is i would say number one Variety For georgia both volume wise and Economically We produce superior wines in many areas Of kahati region and kaheri Is the biggest i would say 99 percent of Sapphire wines come from kahedi Sabharawi being so resilient to Different climatic conditions is of Interest to Many other winemaking countries be it Australia be it united states eastern Europe Many other china is planting a lot of Saperawi So this variety is gaining ground Worldwide on the world Wine scene sabiravi delivers all four Major constituents for great wines the First is it accumulates Quite a high level of sugar it has quite A strong acidity It develops very big and complex tannic Structure And it delivers absolutely amazing Beautiful aroma composition all these Four components needed for great wines

Is there Primary top notes you can feel in Sapphirawi those of Fruit black mulberry you can taste Depending on the regions you can taste Some blackberries And very very mature cherry top notes as Well Thanks lotto and thanks georgia in Summary look for sapuravi to become a Much bigger thing in global wine But will it win this battle back to part Two And the finale can an ancient sicilian Varietal made in an amphara in australia And by an american sommelier turned Winemaker defeat the georgians at their Own Game these georgians are originators and Masters of skin contact but certainly Not stuck in the past In fact humi’s combining cavery and oak As they move forward Taking the best from the ancient and Adding the innovative to craft delicious Wines from the georgian superstar Varietal Scores from part one the tbilisi judging Saw the georgians Surprisingly choosing the australian Wine from the mclaren vale over their Own australia leads four to two with six Votes from their own to come It’s saba versus brad and this is a wine

Competition like you’ve never seen Before Here are the wines selected to battle by Saba and brad All the details are on the battle card The regions are koketi And mclaren vale time for the decisive Votes from sydney The finale sydney is the setting Let’s meet the australian judges all Passionate about wine Some masters of wine my name is ned Goodwin i’m a master of wine former Sommelier hi my name’s gabriella and i’m The Content creator behind the wine about on Instagram Well my name’s christine forster i’m a Counsellor on the city of sydney hi i’m Matt dunn I’m a somalia group one ambassador wine Judging communicator I’m adam todd and i’m a geologist hi Everyone my name is luella matthews and I’m head somalia of the beautiful bibo Wine bar In double bay one group even a wine Loving geologist What will the aussies make of the saba Saporavi This one here is super pretty more of That kind of white pepper spice going on Cranberry rhubarb those kind of fruit Characters

Very delicious dry medium to light Bodied Well one of the australians top songs Seems impressed Quite ripe and rich and smells like it’s Going to be quite a big and full bodied Wine It’s quite dark fruited like i’m doing a Lot of like black and red fruit here Influenza gabriella is well influenced Um what i really like about this wine The appeal is really imminent it’s a big Mouthful of Juby cherry fruit chunky tannins And this sort of slightly smoky violet Aroma Master of wine ned what a wine Vocabulary And now remember christine is a vowed White wine lover That is lovely i have to say counselor Christine is impressed Tennons are darker though and again this Like smokey bacon finish does she just Say smoky bacon so you’re a darker fruit You’ve got this really lovely like Chalky grippy tannin But they’ve done a really amazing job i Think i’ve had this red before Most likely not adam but you seem happy With what’s in your read or glass There is clearly some strong support for The shumi saparavi Will it be enough to pull back two votes

And propel georgia To a come from behind victory so what do The aussies think of the brash higgins Nero davola it’s a bit stripped of fruit A bit volatile Not getting the vibe with this wine at All not getting the vibe says matt This one definitely has less fruit and It’s got a little bit more of that kind Of savory Character the fruit seems a little bit More tartar A little bit more savoriness going on Savory Oh boy it’s drying and it’s not Particularly pleasant to drink Well ned seems to have made his mind up Interesting Okay they’re both delicious okay Little meaty savoury style fruit but Savoury It’s tasting like it’s from the old World but don’t want to jump to Conclusions Well luella is kind of right the grape Is an ancient sicilian But definitely grown and made in the new World Well adam’s not saying anything the tall Silent type will have to wait for his Vote The stemware is the veritas range from Riedel Now the finale six votes to come

Brash higgins leading four votes to two Now to All the important votes This is my choice medium weight but Complex and refreshing acidity just a Great drink Not a big surprise matt makes it 3-4 Gabriella I’m going to be honest and say i don’t Love either of them So uh this one yeah I’m going to say that’s the winner well That’s tighten things up So definitive winner nice chunky fruit Good chunky tannins and You know an easy going wine to drink Imminently Not particularly complex but lots of joy Is that one there nat takes georgia to The lead That’s my winner oh christine ties it All Up again what a battle the pressure is On I really was on this beautiful wine but This is So unexpected yeah it has to be this way Did not see that coming georgia in front Again take your time adam the whole Thing comes down to Your vote what drama will it be a win For georgia or another tie and maybe win For brash higgins And australia definitely liking this one

More Boom georgia win a come from behind Victory the australians voted five to One for saba Shumi and the zaparavi so the winning Wine marches on to meet another winner In the skin contact category Boom we win cheers for new victories I am sure saba will be dancing tonight Well you win someone you lose some That’s life congratulations to saba And shumi nice words nicole we love a Good sport And you had a nice win before with your Zippy zibibo So you are one all against georgia best Of three But this time it’s georgia and let’s see If any of the australians could guess Where this winning wine came from And what it was is it from new zealand Um i thought it was argentina or It could be california Spain this is a zapparavi Which is insane and it’s insanely Delicious Indeed insanely delicious safaravi This really is the best wine competition In the world Can we actually say that well show me One this better Click here to watch another battle and By way we guarantee if you subscribe We are going to expand your wine

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