🇫🇷🇦🇺Does all great Sparkling wine come from Champagne? France v Australia |B3P2| Battle of the Wines

🇫🇷🇦🇺Does all great Sparkling wine come from Champagne? France v Australia |B3P2| Battle of the Wines

Champagne is the benchmark But those in the know recognize that Great sparkling wines come from a Variety of terroirs This battle has a distantly french flair In fact everyone speaks french Voila Nice one miss berry one of the wines Comes from a repurposed quarry That now looks more like a bond Villain’s lair very cool And its antipodean opponent is from the Piccadilly valley A picturesque pocket of the intriguing Adelaide hills in south Australia the scores are too Close to call it’s caroline versus lena Super sommeliers both in a sparkling Battle And stand by to see wine judging like You have never seen before As old as wine is competition and our Competition is head to head Kinda like fight club battle Of the wines now a quick Recap the scores from part one the Sydney judging Saw the australians like both wines but Love the pickamelott cremont the Wolfkong However will that love be reciprocated In paris At halfway it’s france 4 and australia Too

Our nominators are some an entrepreneur Carolyn first task So i’ve been a semolina gastronomic Reference for 15 years and i’ve just launched a Startup three years ago Somolyaparticulier.com this is a website We have a great selection made by french Sommelier the vixen game meets The people who like to buy wine on our Website so it’s a taylormade Website caroline’s opponent is mauritius Born but now south australian-based Lena berry i am lena berry i am the wine Director of Mount lofty house it’s a boutique hotel In adelaide hills Here’s the wines selected to battle by Caroline and lena I am picking up into the battle a creme Of bourgogne domain Picamelo anchazal is the name of the Plot the specific area 100 pinot noir extra and now Ms barry delsa from piccadilly valley is Dawsa natural reserve Made by xavier bissou all the details Are on the battle card the regions are Saint abandoned Burgundy and the piccadilly valley of The adelaide hills in south australia Time for the decisive votes from paris The finale The setting the city of light and love

Let’s meet the parisian judges Hi i’m anna i’m a french comedian My name is nicholas marcook i’m the ceo Of royal glass I was born in oser which is close to Chablis in burgundy so i would say from My Probably first stage i start being in The wine environment Welcome to enya my name is kai i opened This restaurant Four years ago i used to be a banker Before So my name is etienne i’m working in Paris as a purchaser for carful My name is renault lauren renau is my First name I’m a sommelier i’ve been in somalia for The last 20 years And i created my own society named the Wine officer What will the parisians make of Sparkling made a mere Kilometers away this one is more Voluptuous voluptuous lina will be happy With that Creaminess but still has a hint of Minerality wow excellent salinity And remember kai runs one of paris’s Most exclusive champagne bars in the First arrondissement The first nose is very delicate very Nice very Fine bubbles good length on the palette

As well nicholas seems impressed It’s more sparkling and you can see the The the bubbles it’s pretty nice because It it comes very strong in the mouse in The beginning and Really nice good exploding taste in the Mouse it’s nice And the the nose is pretty surprising as Well really good balance Refreshing sparkling white wine Really crispy but with good fruit these French are clearly liking what they Taste from australia [Music] [Music] [Music] Anna and elodie are supporters wouldn’t You just love to have a drink with the Lodi So cool there is clearly some strong Support for deosa They will need to win over four Parisians to force a tie Five to win so what does the fringe Think of their own wine kai first this Is really on freshness You have still the apple kind of skin Nicolas comes from burgundy by the way Fruity the bubble shapes are very Nice very shiny [Music] It’s got the freshness it’s easy but Also it’s got a good complexity Some character probably something from a

Good terroir I would say that it might have some Piano i need because you do have the Character Yes we know it is predominantly pinot Noir Anna Anna’s in deep thought elodie jolly Honduras [Music] Loves her local wine and i just love the French language The stemware in paris is royal glass Perfection In every sip caroline leading lena Four votes to two but in this game Everything can change very quickly Kai but Really i love the freshness of this um Of this cuvee oh i thought he was going For deoza France further in front nicholas i have To choose one of these two Uh wine today will be this glass Nicola betrays his burgundian roots If that’s allowed well this bottle of The wines everything is allowed It’s 5-3 etienne I think i rather this one Australia is closing in 5-2-4 The next vote will decide it I choose this wine both of snack but This is already complex wine very Enjoyable and with a great balance and

Great freshness Boom renault 6’4 france’s home Anna for the icing this is my decision Definitely no hesitation from anna Fresher and the punctuation mark from Elodie In the end a comfortable win for france Carolyn and the winemaker philippe Chotard France won again [Laughter] Steve laforce I’m so happy that france won especially With the cremor the burgundy it’s not a Champagne it’s a very good sparkling Thank you and bravo picamelo it’s it’s Really a pleasure i was really glad to Battle with you lena Bravo to you and it was so exciting Well done philly hope you had a taste of Our wines and You still enjoy it i’m sure they will Because this bloody delicious Thanks to xavier a winner from the Australian series But not able to take out this International battle So the winning wine marches on to meet Another winner in the sparkling category Lena has other outstanding wines in the Battle we’ll see her And carolyn again and let’s see if these Parisians can pick where these wines Came from

I don’t know maybe uh Italy espana argentina Kind of spanish australia So if you enjoyed this battle subscribe And we promise to expand your wine Universe I mean now you know great sparkling can Come from outside champagne And as far away as the piccadilly valley Click through to more battles this is The best wine competition In the world can we actually say that Well show me one that’s better subscribe And ring the bell for notifications as All the battles are released You

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