🇫🇷🇦🇺Does all great Sparkling wine come from Champagne? France v Australia |B3P1| Battle of the Wines

🇫🇷🇦🇺Does all great Sparkling wine come from Champagne? France v Australia |B3P1| Battle of the Wines

[Music] Excellent French sparkling can only come from Champagne Wrong in this battle we will introduce You to Outstanding method traditional made by a Saber rattling burgundian And pardon another frenchman but this Time crafting his wines in the Picturesque adelaide hills Hang on to meet the nominators two super Songs It’s caroline versus lena and this Sparkling battle will be decided In sydney and paris As old as wine is competition and our Competition is head to head Kinda like fight club Battle of the wines Battle of the wines is a unique global Wine competition where the Experts who tell you what to drink Showcase their favorite wines And they battle which wine will win Watch until the end to find out Subscribe to our youtube channel to Follow and click the battle bell for Notifications Battle of the wines Caroline festas is one of our favorite Nominators From the alsace she and fellow Entrepreneur and husband matu have

Created sommelier particular Which sees them all over france finding The good stuff Bonjour i am caroline i am a french Sommelier And i live in asas this is a region in The northeast of france at the german Border Carolyn has five wines in the battle and While she hopes hers and other french Wines win She feels it’s time to shake up the Sometimes cozy world of french songs Encouraging them to see wine as the Global game it Is caroline’s opponent is the one and Only lena berry Lena took part in the australian series That launched the format Where she took on frank and arthur looks Like these guys had some serious fun I am lena berry i am the wine director Of mount lofty house it’s a boutique Hotel In adelaide hills which is a region in South australia I want to stay at mount lofty house it Looks amazing and who wouldn’t want Their wine poured by lena So what are the wines these outstanding Nominators have chosen I present to you dausa dausa from Piccadilly valley it’s dausa natural Reserve

Made by xavier visso the bubbles are Really really refined The bees are super subtle they’re just Really they’re the taste of the wine It’s mouth coating it’s voluptuous It’s got like a hint of minerality as Well that just stays there and just Really adds to the structure beautiful Length So a frenchman making method traditional In the adelaide hills The primary influence on this battle is Clearly gallic Now caroline i am picking up into the Battle A creme of bourgogne domain picamelo Anchazal is the name of the plot the Specific area Hundred percent pinot noir extravert it Was More than three years in the cellar so That the bubbles can be very fine Elegant so the winemaker here is philipp Schottar he is the new generation Of this house pikmlo And what a seller it is winemaker and Owner philippe chotard has converted a Disused quarry into a state-of-the-art Winemaking facility that could double For james bond villains lair We are ready to battle nice so here is The battle card Clemant 2014 winemaker sabre wielding

Philip chatard versus diosa natural Reserve And v blanc de noir 85 pinot noir and Fifteen percent Chardonnay crafted by xavier bisseau in The picturesque piccadilly valley of the Adelaide hills The picamelot also a black de noir is Grown in the equally Picturesque saint obam also made Predominantly From pinot noir the nominator caroline Her opponent lina the competition Category Sparkling of course the judges will come Six votes from each from sydney Australia first And then the one and only paris So first to sexy sydney opera house Harbour bridge and amidst the icons six Sydney judges and of course at least one Of them has to be a surfer My name is ned goodwin i’m a master of Wine former sommelier Hi my name’s gabriella and i’m the Content creator behind the wine about On instagram well my name is christine Forster i’m a counsellor on the city of Sydney hi i’m matt dunn i’m a similar Group one ambassador one judge and Communicator i’m adam todd and i’m a Geologist One boys and adam represents a new Generation of aussie men

All style adam hi everyone my name is Luella matthews and i’m head similar Of the beautiful bibo wine bar in double Bay What a fun group what do these Australians think about the sparkling From burgundy Wine loving geologist adam to kick it Off They look pretty similar definitely a Bit more cloudy i’m not sure which one I’m feeling is going to be the best It’s dry but it’s good i like a dryer Dry sparkling Much more layers of fruit baked apple Stone fruits and peach and a bit of Ginger spice as well so for me that Wine’s got a lovely Soft creamy mid palette and a long Delicious length It’s a lovely wine that one well matt’s A fan of the frenchie for sure Sparkling is more in that kind of Traditional method It’s got a little bit more of those kind Of autolytic characters brioche Nutty autolytic a new one for me Looks a little different to me that’s Fruitier than this one Very different aroma as well fruitier Now that’s accessible Now master of wine ned although i doubt He will say fruitier This one much yeastier more autolytic

Complexity which is a nerdy term for Those lease derived aromas of toast Croissant Baked bread and they’re the aromas that We associate with qualitative sparkling Wine so there’s plenty of that On this wine what do you know autolytic Again Definitely richer on the nose it almost Smells like it’s got a bit of age like a Vintage bubbles Well it is a 2014 so luella is a right Clearly there is some strong support for The sparkling from burgundy And now what do they think of their Local wine lina’s and javier’s De osa natural reserve they’re Definitely bubbly Definitely some sort of champagne yep Adam you will not be the first to Confuse this wine with one from Champagne This one here is not giving much away on The nose it’s pretty introverted Bubbles quite delicate it’s quite Straightforward and simple Finish is a little bit short there’s a Bit of sherbet character A bit of zesty sort of tang to the wine Maybe more New world styles It’s nice and creamy it’s dry that’s the Sort of wine We look out for to drink ourselves at

Home counselor christine’s a fan Now ned gotta love ned’s ability to Communicate a wine More restrained higher acid more subdued Nose Less obvious yeast driven complexity Brioche croissant baked bread This tastes like a method traditional Sparkling correct Luella because you’re getting that kind Of complex kind of brioche Pastry note it’s quite creamy on the Palette the bubbles are really yummy and Soft A little bit of vanilla bean so i think It’s seen a bit of oak clearly some Strong support for diosa And lena as well now before we let the Judges lose we want to tell you the Stunning stemware in use in sydney Is the very task the varietal specific Range from riedel the wineglass company Six vital votes on offer adam to lead Off Which one i like the most I think i’m liking this one more friends Away I prefer the dry the dryer sparkling Wine So yep that’s the winner Nice one christine one all Two really interesting wines for me this One is my preference Much more layers of fruit a little bit

Softer more creamy lovely long finish Matte supports caroline This is my winner both are very similar Styles both the beautiful styles got That biscuity brioche note Which i think we’re getting from a Method traditional sparkling but you Still have that really fresh kind of Lemon pith kind of green apple zestiness Coming through And luella supports lena to all Big decision time from ned mw you know i Actually rather like both But in terms of quality i would strongly Suggest wine there Is the winner three to two net supports To pick him a lot Critical vote from gabriela she can tie Things up Or france is off to a flyer I think they’re both new world Sparklings perhaps um But this one’s definitely my favorite Just as more of that kind of olytic Parrot dots with a big old brioche Coffee it’s 42 lead to friends at the Halfway with a home field advantage to Come However as we get further into the Battles there is no guarantee that the French will always vote for the french The boating is blind so paris And part two to come so as we leave you Were the australian judges able to guess

Where the wines came from I think it’s from australia it could be From anywhere Um australia new zealand France this wine in that case is a Cremonte bergoyne from burgundy Fascinating guesses but the scores are What matters Its 42 lead to friends at the halfway With the home field advantage to come [Music] Here is your link for part two and a Reminder to subscribe and wait for other Connected content At the conclusion of part two [Music] You

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